Deborra-Lee Furness Plastic Surgery

Deborra-Lee Furness before and After Photos

Deborra-Lee Furness before and After Photos

Anybody who has any decent clue who Deborra-Lee Furness is, knows that she must have had a little bit of plastic surgery done along the way of her life. They also know that there must have been maybe a few complications along the way. Furness has been a victim of a little slight ridicule due to her status as the wife of the soon-to-be Hollywood legend Hugh Jackman. So, that is why Deborra-Lee Furness plastic surgery becomes just another notch in her already populated belt of embarrassment.

Many have laid claim that Furness is just simply not attractive enough to be wed to such a handsome movie star. She has also gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to their relatively sizable age gap as well. So yeah, if you throw in the element of her plastic surgery blunders, Furness is having a little bit of a bad run these days.

Wolverine’s Wife

It is always hard to say what exactly the reason people tend to get plastic surgery but in her case, the reason stands pretty clear all on its own. She is not a bad looking woman by any stretch of the imagination but we are talking about Hugh jackman here. Anybody would simply just assume that a woman with the looks and style of Kate Beckinsale would be swinging on his arm instead.

One procedure that is for sure, she looks to have gotten a facelift. Just by the changes which have made their way on to her face, it begs the question of how did she not have a procedure? Her cheek area looks to have been slimmed down quite a bit, going for that chiseled jaw look, which some have said would be better suit on a younger woman.

Botox Blunder Blues

Her lips appear to display the obvious signs of plastic surgery. Puffy, round, tight-lipped and an absolutely frozen expression in that vicinity. She just seems to be having issues with smiling. The other problem is that they almost appear to be suffering some sort of gritty texture and kind of a pock like surface but it may just be a side effect which will go away as soon enough.

She had some eyelid work complete and this particular procedure went pretty well and it has definitely made a younger impression on her. The new eyelids look simply more narrow and because of that the fresh new look that she has is absolutely at the very edge of perfection.

There has been no other word regarding whether or not she had indeed had any work done from her or even from her husband but if you look at her pictures, there really isn’t need for any of that. The proof is right there in the pudding.

A Not-So-Wonderful Surgery

Deborra-Lee Furness plastic surgery went not at all too well, especially for being married to such a current big movie star. The work which was done can however, be altered a little bit at a time and this is likely the route that Furness will take. Time will tell.