Delta Burke Plastic Surgery

Delta Burke Plastic Surgery

Delta Burke Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Plastic surgery is meant to enhance appearance. However, this is not always case, just as the gambler plays his cards, so does a celebrity play with the different types of surgery options. Except for the latter, the losing team may suffer irreversible damage. Most female Hollywood celebrities turn to plastic surgery to “fix” their faults, a thing that creates the illusion that plastic surgery will always make you beautiful. Backfired plastic surgery results are often as a result of wrong surgery choice, body reactions to fillers and implants used and a case of bad surgeons. For delta burke, her plastic surgery completely went wrong prompting her fans and critics to question the objectivity of her surgery. It is a sad reality that plastic surgery can actually make you uglier than you may actually be. Now 58 years old, Delta Burke has to live with one of her worst nightmares: the results of her plastic surgeries.

What Surgeries Has She Had?

It is speculated that the star has had Botox injection, facelift, fillers chin and cheek implants. This is a bold choice of surgery common among women of Delta’s age. These surgeries help get rid of the common signs of aging like wrinkles and sagging cheeks. However, from the results of these surgeries, there is no doubt that Delta Burke was not successful in her bid to fight old age. Botox injections help fight old age by getting rid of wrinkles especially on the forehead. With this kind of non invasive surgery, it is rarely easy to tell when a celebrity has had it. However, when overly done, Botox injections results in too tight a face that rids one their natural appearance. There are a number of celebrities who have had all these procedures performed on them but their results were stunning. Delta’s case cannot be entirely blamed on too much surgeries, she was among the unlucky few whose choice of surgery did not go well with their original appearances.

What Went Wrong?

It is not clear what happened to her. Generally, her face looks fatter than it was before. A comparison of her before and after photos often tempts one to switch her after photo to before and vice versa. There is no doubt at the surgery did not work well for her. Most of her facial features are ruined and the original shape and size of her face is completely distorted. Since Delta would not talk about what caused the terrible surgery results, she has left room for speculations. Some doctors speculate that the Botox injection and facial fillers were overdone resulting in the swelling of her face. Being professional views, it is hard to simply brush this off. On the other hand, there are those who suggest that the Hollywood star may be reacting to the cheek and chin implants. It is not a new case, there are a number of celebrities who react with surgical materials and this reaction is mainly manifested in abnormal swelling.

Final Word for Delta

Growth and weight gain may also result in the change in shape and size of the face. Upon gaining weight, fats accumulate around the cheeks for most people. However, this cannot be used to explain Delta’s case. Unless one wants to argue that the star has gained weight only around her facial region. In her young years, Delta was known for her pretty face, a legacy that has been tainted with surgery. It is hard to tell whether or not the damage on her face is reversible. Her face needs serious corrective surgery intervention. For her own sake, the star should not go for any more facial surgery unless it is to correct the damage on her face.