Dolly Parton Before Plastic Surgery and Now Photos

dolly parton before plastic surgery

Dolly Parton Before Plastic Surgery and New Look

Dolly Parton, who is famous for her singing and acting skills, is one of the pioneers of undergoing plastic surgery. She has always been vocal about it and made jokes about the work done on her in numerous interviews. Since she started getting nipped and tucked way back in the eighties many people do not know how she looked before plastic surgery. This has made it difficult to tell exactly what she has had done and what she hasn’t. However, since she does not hide most of the procedures it is quite easy to tell.

dolly parton before plastic surgery

Facial augmentation

Dolly Parton’s face was quite different from what it looks like before surgery. Over the years she has undergone a number of procedures on different parts of her face. She has had an eye lift to reduce the sagging and appearance of wrinkles. She has fillers on her lips which now look way bigger than they did before surgery. She has also gone for Botox a couple times.

Breast Implants

Before surgery she had big breasts that drew a lot of attention. Nevertheless, as she grew older it was expected that they would become smaller and sag. She has not let this happen and has gotten breast implants to ensure that they become even bigger. Now at sixty seven she still has a perfect bust which is unnatural for a woman her age.


Dolly Parton is famous for her big boobs and tiny waist. The small waist is attributed to liposuction procedures which get rid of excess fat from the stomach. This has seen her continuously spotting a flat stomach which makes her chest appear larger. This also gives her an hour glass figure that is every woman’s dream.

Many of her fans and critics have been noted as saying Dolly Parton before surgery was way better looking. The reason she has not successfully achieved an appealing look is because she has gone over the top. In fact, suggestions have been thrown around that she is trying to look like a dolly. This explains why she has always gone for the blond hair, big chest and tiny waist. Regardless of all the disapproval, Dolly has said she will not stop getting cosmetic surgery. If she sees something that is off, she will go and get it fixed!