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Last Modified on:  May 30, 2017 @ 6:59 pm

Emma Watson at the MTV Movie and Television Awards on May 7, 2017

Emma Watson Latest News Update!

The newly beloved Belle, the forever inspiring Hermoine, Emma Watson’s ability to capture the hearts of her audience and the spirit of her character is relentless.  On May 7, at the 2017 MTV Movie and TV Awards, Emma demonstrated her endearing soul when she gave credit to “Belle” after receiving the award for Best Actor in a Movie.

“because of who Belle is and what she represents.”

Emma has spent the majority of her 27 years in front of the camera, with her life on display.  This has left a trail of media rumors and paparatzzi paint all over the internet.  In direct reference to the speculations concerning Emma Watson’s boob job, the likelihood is extremely low.  This conclusion is based on the public appearances and leaked, dated photos which simply do not allow for a time span during which a boob job could have been performed and healed from.  Thankfully, her reputation as a grounded, talented human has kept most damaging rumors at bay.  She joins the league of our world’s entertainment youth with never ending plastic surgery rumors such as Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, and Anna Kendrick.

Emma Watson Bra Size and Possible Boob Job

Emma Watson was born as Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson on the 15th of April 1990 in Paris. Adored by the world, she has graced our screens since a young age and we have literally watched her grow up right before our eyes.  Her world grew immensely, however, as Hermione Granger stole our heart and inspired our children in the Harry Potter series. This was a major lift in her acting career, given that she had previously been confined to act in school plays. She acted in all eight Harry Potter movies, over which time she won many awards and made millions of dollars, setting her life on a cosmic course of fame.  As a child she was endearing, but the Emma Watson is no 11 year old Hermoine Granger anymore.  Her sexy appearance is absolutely captivating.  She has received a great deal of deserved attention for her striking looks. She was voted as the Sexiest Female Movie Star in 2013 after a worldwide poll was conducted by Empire May. On the other hand, she was declared the Most Flawless Woman of the Decade by buzzfeed.  Her perfect profile, banging body, and eccentric experiences make her one of America’s most wanted.

Emma Watson Bra Size 

With a body on public display, it does not come as a surprise speculators are interested in surmising her measurements. According to credible sources, she is a 32 B bra cup with a 24 inch waist.  Her small, perky boobs match with her petite body frame. Judging from her before and after photos trending on the internet, it is unlikely that her breasts are unnatural. Pictures of the star, model clad in bikinis, do not lend evidence that a sudden change in her boob size has occurred. She has been in the industry since she was a child and tracking her growth is very simple. She gradually matured into a beautiful, young woman without the help of surgeons. It must be flattering, however, that in a world so obsessed with beauty, Emma Watson has been a boob job suspect solely because her banging body is so incredibly perfect.

Good Genes or Plastic Surgery? 

Boob jobs are among favorite Tuesday afternoon procedures for hot stars in showbiz. However, this does not mean that all the young women with adorable assets and chest curves are beneficiaries of cosmetic surgery. There are a few women who have benefited from good genes and Emma Watson’s fresh face and full tata’s seem to be the perfect example. There have been speculations that she is considering increasing her boob size to D cups, with her opinion being that it would look more natural with her hip size. The truth in these speculations is yet to be confirmed.  One can only hope that she knows she is blessed with a naturally curvy body, and going under the knife is an unnecessary risk. She has a long career ahead of her and she should be extremely cautious of the choices she makes.

What Does She Have To Say?

She is among the league of celebrities who do not respond to any of the surgery allegations leveled against them. Her tight lipped response seems best at the moment given that it is speculated that she is only at the stage of thinking and talking about having a procedure done. It is incredible pressure to look as desirable as possible, and props to her for not yet succumbing to the pressure of cosmetic surgery. Indications are that she is under career advice to increase her breast size to a 32D in order to increase her sex appeal and push farther from her childhood image as the young Hermoine.   Hopefully, she will remain as focused as she is now and continue to appreciate the gift of beauty she has been given.  Constantly seated at the ever heightening peak of her career,  her positive public image does not lend us to believe she will be going in for a boob job anytime soon.