Famke Janssen Plastic Surgery

famke janssen plastic surgery

Famke Janssen Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Famke Janssen is a famous Dutch actress, screen writer, director and former model. She is widely known for her roles in ‘X- Men’, ‘Golden Eye’, ‘Nip Tuck’ and ‘Taken’. She made her directing debut with ‘Bringing Up Bobby’. Even at the age of 51, Famke looks stunning. She is an avid writer and a lover of literature. In many interviews, she has revealed that she wishes for her skin to age naturally. She firmly believes that women should not resort to dermatological interventions or plastic surgery to maintain or reform their looks. But many reports suggest that she might have just opposed her own views.

Before and after

As a child, Famke never imagined herself surrounded by showbiz. It was difficult for her to imagine herself as a future model. However, in the year 1990, she was among the famous faces of fashion world. No one would deny the fact that Famke Janssen is a pretty lady. Despite serving different fields for a number of years now, she still manages to look youthful and radiant. She has adamantly claimed that plastic surgeries are not meant for her. But despite this claim, some rumors and her before and after photos suggest that she might have used Botox injections to rejuvenate her skin.

Botox Injections

It has been widely reported that Famke uses either Botox injections or some other sort of face fillers to look youthful and radiant. She is looking young with every single passing day. Whatever the thing is, it is working wonders for her. When she was questioned for the same allegations, she replied that she would stop coming on camera rather than going under the knives for better looks. She also stated that gravity works against us and no matter how hard we fight, we will ultimately lose against the battle of ageing. She also said that those people who are trying to fight away ageing, are actually fighting a losing battle and the sooner they realize this fact, the better it will be for them.

The results and her beauty tips

Despite being 51 years old, Famke Janssen is still a role model for many young ladies. Throughout these fifty one years, she has been successful in maintaining her good looks and it should be a matter of pride for her. Even if she has used botox injections, she has used them in perfect proportion. Her skin looks natural and smooth and not unnatural and extremely tight.

She has been asked about her beauty secrets, many a times. Her secret behind getting younger every day is that she eats a healthy and balanced diet. She also takes care of many other things. For example – Famke doesn’t drink water from plastic water bottles as plastic bottles lead to chemical build up in the water. She also avoids eating meat. Due to her love for animals, she has become a pure vegan. She suggests that people should have eating habits which suit their body and lifestyle. She also vigorously protects her skin from the Sun.

If you actually want to look like her, you can copy her style. She always prefers feminine flourishes with much less fancy pieces. Her sense of style has always been breathtaking for the photographers. She looks stunning on street as well as on red carpet.