For The Love Of Salma Hayek’s Implants Boob Job Before and After Photos

salma hayek implants Boob

Salma Hayek’s Implants Boob Job Before and New look

Salma Hayek has always been one of those celebrities who has been proud of her curves and stayed away from turning herself into a stick figure. God I love those curves so much that in almost every movie or photograph of hers, I could literally picture her dress fall off. Keeping all my perverted fantasies aside, I thought that Salma’s beauty was flawless and that there was nothing in this world that could add on to her beauty. But just then I saw something which made me literally scream like a little girl stating the exact statements “Did the sky just open up and do the impossible?” and that marked the starting point of my obsession with Salma Hayek implants boob job.

salma hayek implants Boob

Unlike many ugly celebrities out there, who look nothing more than a creature molded from plastic and have their anorexic look and life problems shoved down my throat, Salma had always been the one who defined how a woman should actually look like. She did not look like hideous like most celebrities do and her face/boobs, was not made from silicone. Style, Grace, Beauty, Curve and no controversies which would make me ask myself “Oh God Why?”, these were some of the things which had always turned me into that wolf from the cartoons, who has his eyes boinking out, jaw hitting the floor and tongue rolling out. But her recent appearance at a charity event has managed to make my brain jump out and do the Macarena.

Wearing a beautiful low cut dress which showed the right amount of everything, it looked like age had done a fair amount of justice to her and with age her boobs had become fuller. Maybe I missed out on the recent news about the change in gravitational direction, but as far as I know, with age boobs start to sag and not become firmer. Google it, read a book about aging or simply ask your doctor, it does not happen. Even though Salma much like any other celebrity has denied all allegations for plastic surgery and blames her praying to the gods as a child for perfect breasts, I for one am not buying into this story. No Ms. Hayek (she will be my wife so don’t judge), no matter how perfect your breasts are, you are not fooling me and I am convinced that it is breast augmentation, which has resulted in the 8th wonder of the world.