Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery

Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery

Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Who would have guessed the daughter of rock legends Kurt Cobain and his wife Courtney Michelle Love would get multiple plastic surgeries done on her? The 21 year old Frances Bean Cobain has been trending on the media for her new plastic surgeries on some parts of her body. It all started as rumors on the social media but the speculations have been more cemented by the sharp contrast between her past appearance and the one she has now. The fact that she has been mute about all these rumors makes them more credible. It is for this reason Surgerystars has decided to take a closer look on the Frances Bean Cobain plastic surgery speculations to bring out the truth.


Lip Fillers

This is one of the most notable surgeries she underwent. Her new lips look plumper that they were before. There is no way you can make your lips to become fuller naturally when you are cutting weight as she did. The volume of her lips now is just Wow! No doubt a medical procedure was done on them. Those still denying this fact on the argument that it is the lip gloss she’s using making them plumber need to closely compare her old photos on the internet and the new ones. Plastic surgeons have confirmed this change can only occur through a procedure.

Cheek Fillers

Apparently it looks like Frances hasn’t been busy working on her lips only; she also had cheek fillers implanted on her skin. This can make you wonder why so young girl would go for a new procedure picking up on women in their 50s and above. This is a relatively new plastic surgery that focuses on firming cheeks when the face skin starts sagging due to aging.

Losing weight could have been the reason she resulted to cheek fillers. With the fat gone you would expect all her body to reduce uniformly but this is not the case with her. Her cheeks just got puffier! What can be the explanation to that except cheek fillers? Seems they have worked pretty well for her as she just got more beautiful and hotter.

Nose Implants

Have you seen how her nose looks more refined and how the tip looks thinner? This is yet another Frances Bean Cobain plastic surgery. She had implants on her nose to get this new shape. It finally seems like she managed to do the nose job which she always wanted. Her mother in 2011 during a performance she openly said she was glad Frances hadn’t got it then. The fact that she wanted to do it then is enough to support the current rumors and obvious changes on her nose.

Chin job

Her chin looks more prominent that before. It is speculated that she had them done but it is hard to substantiate that. It could be as a result of the serious weight lose she underwent and her cheeks fillers. With weight lose the chin gets more defined and they get even more defined when the cheeks get puffier. This is one rumor that will take some time before it can be proved to be true or not.

Breast Augmentation

It seemed she has not been left out by other celebs in getting her boobs done. That extra breast size everyone is going for she couldn’t resist getting it. Her boobs appear bigger and firmer than they were before. It is undeniably that she got breast augmentation although it is not easy to see the changes because of the kind of outfits she always wears.

The question is not if Frances had multiple plastic surgeries; it is why she had all of them at the same time. The desire to come back to public life after some good days away from the cameras can be the reason she had all these drastic changes. Some rumors have it that her mother is the reason behind these changes. Whatever reason advised these chances, you have to give it to her for her great new look.