Frances Bean Cobain Weight Loss

Frances Bean Cobain Weight Loss

Frances Bean Cobain Weight Loss Before and After Pictures

Frances Bean Cobain is a famous American visual artist. She is also the only daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. She was born on 18 August 1992 in Los Angeles and was named after Frances McKee. She had a tough life as her mother was a drug addict and she lost her dad at the tender age of twelve. She is a beautiful woman but has not been spared from many plastic surgery rumors. Till the age of 20, she was chubby and had a lot of baby fat on her body. Later, she started taking vigorous measures to curb her chubbiness and maintain an ideal weight and figure.

Frances Bean Cobain Before and After Photos

On comparing Frances Bean’s before and after photos, we can say that she has shed a lot of weight. Earlier, she had a chubby face and her body was covered with a lot of baby fat. It seemed to be justified as she went through plethora of problems at a very tender age and people tend to eat more when they are suffering from difficulties or are depressed. However, now we feel that she has strived hard to shed off some extra kilos. At present, she has a toned body and an ideal figure which can make any woman jealous. She has a well – sculpted face with strong and sharp features which increase her appeal.

Frances Cobain in Her Interviews

Frances always wanted to shed off her baby fat and worked hard to achieve an ideal figure. She gives the entire credit to her workout and dieting regime. We have also occasionally spotted her exercising at different beaches. She combines the evergreen and most effective forms of exercises to burn calories. She also has a balanced and nutritious diet specially designed for her and she follows it vigorously. All her efforts in losing weight seem to be justified and rewarding.

Plastic Surgery Rumors

Various observations have been made and it was concluded that Frances has undergone many sorts of enhancements and surgeries to get the ideal look. She has been widely accused of undergoing lip augmentation. Earlier, her lips were quite thin and flat. But these days, her lips look more luscious and swollen. It seems that she always pouts while posing for the camera though, this is not the case. Her recent photos also depict longer and pointed chin which gives her a stretched oval face. It is possible that she had chin implants done to have a refreshing look. Chin implants are generally opted to correct chin defects and are not very common these days.


With the loss of excess weight, Frances has proved that she is an ideal Hollywood material. She has inherited her insanely good looks from both her mother and father. She has an ideal photogenic face which can be very famous in the Hollywood industry. We are surprised that she has never thought of being an actress despite the odds being in her favor.