Geena Davis Plastic Surgery

Geena Davis Plastic Surgery

Geena Davis Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

In the past 100 years, you would have to admit that Hollywood has produced some of the brightest stars who literally revolutionized the American Film Industry in every sense. But despite playing home to some of the most talented people on earth, none have been able to hold a wider portfolio like Geena Davis. Archery at Olympics, Acting, Modelling, Fashion Designing, marrying multiple guys within a period of 30 years, you name it and Geena Davis has done it. But today we are not here to talk about the talented life of this red headed acting phenomenon, because it’s that time of the month again when we devour celebrities by the spoonful and scrutinize their list of plastic surgeries without mercy. And this time on our crosshair, is none other than the multi talented Geena Davis plastic surgery story.

Geena Davis Plastic Surgery

Geena Plastic Davis

Now you would have to admit that there are only a handful of people who come as talented as Geena, but she like many other celebrities before her was she too was afraid of ageing and fell for the knife hard and hasn’t been able to recover in the past 30+ years. Although you would have to admit that Geena Davis plastic surgery is one of the best knife works you would ever come across, the fact still remains that she has gone under the knife and that entitles us to scrutinize her whenever we want.

List of Surgeries

Like any other celebrity, Geena too has denied going under the knife. But we have substantial proof that proves her guilty. For example if you look at her present pictures, you would see a couple of things off about her face. Or maybe it’s the fact that she has been married longest to a plastic surgeon, who she fears will reveal her secrets if she divorces him like she did with the three men before her. But the nothing changes the fact that she went through a knife and the probable list of surgeries as per us includes:

  • Facelifts, because most of our mothers are in their late 50’s and they wrinkles unlike Geena
  • Eyelifts, because Geena’s eyes have managed to shrink with age
  • Rhinoplasty, because her nose looks wrinkled in the wrong places and the tip of her nose has gone flat which is almost impossible unless she got punched by an elephant
  • Botox Injections, because its every woman’s best friend post 30’s and celebrities would melt without it.
  • Lip Fillers, to make her lips more supple and help her kiss young boys with more passion

Even though Geena Davis has managed to go on by the name Jennifer Garner during nights, acted in a bunch of decent movies and kissed a whole lot of men who are a whole lot younger than her, the fact remains that we do recognize her. And there is nothing in this world which can prove otherwise, because there is not 50+ year old woman in this world who looks like that. And if there are, then we should be rightfully informed about it, so that we too can get married finally and have a god damn life.