Gia Allemand Plastic Surgery

Gia Allemand Plastic Surgery

Gia Allemand Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born as Gia Marie Allemand on the 20th of December 1983 and died on the 14th of August 2013. She was an American actress and model who was also known as a reality television contestant. Her fame rose with her roles in the reality show The Bachelor and the Bachelor Pad. As a model, she posed for Marxim magazine among many other profiling magazines. Her beauty and glamour saw her top charts at a very fast rate. She was a complete sex symbol but it seems like this was not enough to give her the security and self esteem she needed. It is rumored that she suffered from self esteem issues and had to consult surgeons to work on her image. The glamorous Gia died after a suicide attempt where she hanged herself. She died at University Hospital situated in New Orleans. Despite the success she registered in her career, she was also followed by drug abuse speculations and this is believed to have contributed to her early death.

Gia Allemand Plastic Surgery

Did Gia Have Her Body Features Enhanced?

Gia was rumored to have benefited from the surgeon’ knife. Allegedly, she went for the number one procedure loved by young girls. Judging from her post surgery photos trending all over the internet, her boobs grew in size in a spur of a moment. Her larger cups, obviously enhanced by silicone implants made her sexier. It is also believed that she had her nose done. These rumors were sparked by the fact that the actress acquired these dramatic changes at a time when her career was at its peak. At this point, celebrities have the eyes of the whole world on them and they are under the pressure to look flawless. Despite the fact that Gia never disclosed the truth behind these speculations, sources close to the supermodel claimed that he had indeed had these procedures and in fact was not satisfied with all of them.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

In an effort to look god and work on her body shape, it is believed that the super model had her cup size increased. Allegedly, she had this procedure more than once. Allegedly, she had her boobs enhanced for the first time in her early twenties but she hated the new shape and size of her boobs. Due to this, she had them redone to give her a bigger and firmer cup size. She regretted her first boob job simply because it did not suit her. After the second job, it became clear that she was a woman who knew what she needed to do to look awesome. She became a much talked about celebrity for her stunning body frame.

Gia Allemand Alleged Nose Job

It is also claimed that she went to have her nose chiseled out to have attain a sexier look. Narrow ridged noses are a fancy for Hollywood celebrities since they are associated with elegance. The truth behind this allegation is yet to be established and might never be established considering the actress is no longer with us. The change in her nose could have been as a result of proper makeup application techniques. Some celebrities have argued that they have very skilled makeup artists who have transformed them into beauty queens with a few tricks.

Surgery Results

Gia was a phenomenal woman whose death did not mark the end of her fame. She is still famous and her name is associated with beauty and elegance. All of her speculated surgeries went well and even though they were not that necessary, she had a moderate engagement and a possible case of good surgeons who ensured to bring out the best in her. It is very unfortunate that her death was untimely but she was fortunate enough to have her name carried on as one of the most beautiful and influential celebrities of her time more than a year after her death.