Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery

Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery

Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Very often, celebrity bloggers are accused of being overly ambitious when it comes to identifying the real and the fake in Hollywood. Come to think of it, it is not entirely their fault since Hollywood has perpetuated the ideology that there is nothing wrong with plastic surgery. A notion that has caused some celebrities to be obsessed with achieving the perfect everything. In the showbiz industry both looks and talents are important in gaining a celebrity the kind of success highly sought after. However, Hollywood has often been criticized for sending the wrong idea that looks are more important than talent. A sad reality indeed. Additionally, controversies have also won some celebrities numerous amounts of fame. A major cause of controversy is plastic surgery and its results. Critics and fans draw attention to specific celebrities once plastic surgery speculations begin flying up in the air. With the right kind of speculations, the lucky ones are brought to the limelight for a good reason and enjoy a successful career for the rest of their lives.

Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery

Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery Speculations

Gwen Stefani is a multi talented American rock star who has gone in the books as a Grammy Award winner. She is known in nearly all the artistic corners of America. She is an actor, singer, songwriter and fashion designer. Clearly, the star has numerous amounts of talent to show case. She is the co –founder of the extremely famous rock band No Doubt. Aside for m this, she is also the lead vocalist of this band. Apparently, Stefani could not afford being the one left behind in Hollywood. Plastic surgery speculations begun following her as early as the nineties when she begun showing facial transformations. Later in her career, the star was believed to have re visited the surgeon’s again and again to fix the physical flaws diets and workouts could not fix.


Gwen Stefani plastic surgery speculations suggest that the star has had one of her facial features altered. It is claimed she had a rhinoplasty way back in her career and has had Botox injections in her old age. Rhinoplasty is a common form of surgery among Hollywood celebrities interested in achieving Hollywood’s notion of an elegant appearance. A comparison of Stefani’s before and after photos reveal a difference in her nose. The wide and thick ridged nose has been replaced with a narrow slender ridged nose with a pointed tip. Her fans argue that if indeed the star has had a rhinoplasty, the new nose suits her facial features making the surgery worth. It is rumored that she has also had her forehead injected with Botox. Many women love to use Botox as an anti aging procedure given its non invasive nature. Apparently, the smooth, shinny, tight and wrinkle free facial skin on Gwen Stefani’s head is as not as a result of anti aging cream but a Botox procedure well applied.

Breast Augmentation

It has been argued further that the star has had her breasts augmentated. These claims are based on the growth in Gwen’s bust. However, Gwen is a woman who entered the show biz world at a relatively tender age. Maybe, her body might not have reached its peak in growth yet but then again plastic surgery is always a possibility. Despite the fuss about how natural Gwen Stefani is, Gwen Stefani plastic surgery speculations have won her the right kind of fame. She is a star appreciated for her talent and goods looks and the surgery speculations have had a positive effect on her career. She looks as amazing as always and her fans are proud of her.