Haifa Wehbe Plastic Surgery

Haifa Wehbe Plastic Surgery

Haifa Wehbe Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born as Hanifa Wehbe on the 10th of March 1973 in a small farming town in Lebanon. She is a pretty faced Lebanese singer and actress who rose to fame at a very tender age. The uprisings of her fame were realized in the Arab World after she came second in the Miss Lebanon contest. Her love for modeling was realized at a tender age with her winning her first crown at the age of 16. She was crowned as Miss South Lebanon and as later the runner up at the Miss Lebanon competition. Her singing career has also flourished especially after the release of her album Houwa El- Zaman. It is no secret that she is a pretty faced celerity considering the many titles she has won. She is also known for her ability to use her curvy body in the most provocative manner just like most musicians do. However, her fans are no longer pleased with her since she has earned the new title of the queen of cosmetic surgery in Lebanon.

Haifa Wehbe Plastic Surgery

Haifa the Queen of Surgery 

She earned the above title after she was rated as the only Lebanese woman with the most number of surgeries. This is not difficult to prove since her pictures say it all. She has abused the procedures and as it is expected with cosmetic surgery, the procedures seem to have turned on her. It is a pity that a woman of her beauty and fame is about to lose all these to an indiscipline relationship with cosmetic surgery. Some of her surgeries were unnecessary and it seems like she had them just for the sake of it. There is little doubt that she will miss her natural beauty if she keeps this up. At the age of 41, she already looks much older than her age and more surgeries may not fix this problem.

Nose job and Botox Claims 

Her face has changed for the worst and this is alluded to unnecessary nose job and t much Botox. Most of the times, women who opt for rhinoplasty aim at chiseling out their noses but this is done with consideration of the shape and size of their faces. However, this is not the case for Haifa; her small nose does not suit her relatively wide face at all. In fact, she looks odd with a nose that is disproportional to her face. She has also been accused of too much Botox which has made her forehead too elevated. An elevated fore head is no natural appearance and this should explain why the star singer looks very different. It is a pity that her quest for more landed her into more trouble given that she was a natural beauty who did not need any form of surgery.

Chin Implants, Lip Implants and Brow Lifts

The speculated Haifa Wehbe plastic surgery do not end with a nose job and Botox, the list is much loner and sadly the results are the same ;terrible. It seems like she desires a chiseled appearance as evidence by the nose job and chin implants. Her after face is more oval with an extended chin, a major characteristic of chiseled faces. R lips also appear full and sensual suggesting filler injections. Her new lips do not auger so well with the rest of her facial features considering the fact that she had the size of her nose reduced. The brow lift was also exaggerated elevating her eyebrows in an unnatural manner. Judging from her choices of surgery, it is obvious that she wanted to accentuate her appearance but she was unlucky not to get what she wanted. Although she remains quite regarding these speculations, her image has suffered a major blow as evidence by all the criticism leveled towards her by her fans.