Halle Berry Plastic Surgery

halle berry plastic surgery

Halle Berry Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Known for her striking looks, Halle berry is a beautiful American actress who has caught the eyes of many. Since her modeling days, she is known to have had a wonderful body that complemented her looks. Her natural beauty earned her success and fame both in the modeling and acting word.

It is rumored that she succumbed to the pressure of show biz and had two surgeries. Just like most of her fellow academy winning models and actresses, Halle Berry turned to plastic surgery to emphasize her beauty and correct a few flaws.

halle berry plastic surgery

Halle Berry Facelift

Breast surgery and rhinoplasty are among the surgeries this beautiful actress underwent. She first faced the surgeon’s knife to make her breasts firmer and fuller. A look at her before and after photos reveals a great difference in her bust size. She now boasts of size 36 C. the boob job worked wonders for her, her new breast size complements her general figure. Her feminine curve has been enhanced and her clothes fit much better making her more attractive than ever.

Naturally, Halle Berry has nice facial features. The rhinoplaty was meant to correct the shape and size of her nose. Apparently she did not like her God given wide nose and set out to correct it. A much slender and elegant looking nose now sits on her face in the place of the wide one. Looks are everything when it comes to modeling, Halle berry seemed to know what she needed to adjust in order to look better.

Has She Confirmed the Rumors?

The amazing thing about Halle Berry’s plastic surgery is the timing. She had her surgeries in her mid ages; a practice that is not common among many American celebrities. The mother of one is now bordering fifty and old age is knocking at her door. Maybe this might be the perfect time for her surgery? But then again it was her choice to make.

Halle berry has vehemently refused and confirm her surgery rumors. She has openly denied having had any surgeries but the scars on her armpits together wither before and after photos contradict her. Her surgeon knew what he was doing and it would definitely not kill her to acknowledge his efforts.