How Old is Barry Manilow

How Old is Barry Manilow

How Old is Barry Manilow – Before and After Pictures

He was born on the 17th of June 1943 to Harold Pincus and Edna Manilow. He was born as Barry Alan Pincus but later adopted his mother’s maiden name as his stage name. He is a famous singer, producer and song writer whose talent and handsome face preceded him. Like most celebrities, he also felt the need to cling onto his youthful looks and take his career a step further, a decision that did not go too well for him. Looking at his photos, the controversial how old is Barry Manilow question will not fail to cross your mind. This question is filled with controversies given that the star singer’s face is wrinkle free but somewhat looks like a piece of plastic. In his earlier days when most of his songs hit the best selling chats, he was not only known for talent but also for his killer handsome look , a thing that has been killed by too much surgeries.

How Old is Barry Manilow

How old is Barry Manilow?

Barry Manilow is 71 years old but does he look like it? No. Pictures of the singer trending on the internet suggest a man twenty years younger than this age. It seems like he is in a close relationship with anti aging procedures but the relationship did not turn out well. He has been previously associated with a nose job which he admitted to having done it as a medical procedure after he had an accident. This was thought to be an excuse since it is not clear whether or not the accident warranted a nose job. Celebrities are narcissistic human beings and they will let you in on what they want you to know and lie about other matters. But his nose job has not given birth to as much concern as his anti aging procedures.

Facelift and Botox 

His indulgence with facelift and Botox was his attempt to reverse the aging process. He did reverse the process but had to face the consequences of misuses if the said procedures. It is unfortunate that his successful career is wobbly towards the end considering how much the star had achieved. Cosmetic surgery has been labeled a double edged sword which cuts both ways and this is common among the anti aging procedures especially Botox. It is a simple procedure that works in seconds and this make sit understandable why some people get carried away and use it over and over again defying the manufacturer’s instructions. There are many celebrities who have suffered from over indulgence in this procedure and you would expect that the rest will learn but they end up making the same mistakes made by their predecessors. It is though that Barry over indulged in both facelift and Botox since the effect on his face is unlikely to be caused by only one procedure.

Surgery Results 

Barry has managed to throw people into confusion about his age but he has not managed to do the same about the reason behind his graceful aging. Despite his face being wrinkle free, his skin is too tight in an unnatural manner. This is as a result of a facelift gone wrong. O the other hand, his facial muscles seems to have been interfered with since he has the frozen appearance. He is barely capable of showing emotion. Too much Botox is responsible for causing such and effect since Boot is injected right under the skin and works on facial muscles’. Too much of it results in the freezing of facial muscles. Barry should consider staying off these two procedures since his face is already damaged and he does not need to damage it further.