Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery

Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery

Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Ivanka trump is yet another rich, famous and sexy American celebrity rumored to having faced the surgeon’s knife. The famous American model is speculated to have had a number of surgical procedures that led to the great transformations. The daughter to the American business tycoon, Donald Trump and wife to Jared Kushner is not a natural. Aside from eh plastic surgery speculations, the pretty faced model is also known for her success in life. She is the owner of the New York, a lucrative business venture in America. Ivanka’s name trended won the social media but the main focus was on the issues surrounding her socialite life. However, after she attended the Golden Globe awards dressed to kill in a white elegant dress, the microscopes of celebrity bloggers shifted to surgery speculations. Everyone went crazy to try to establish how natural the American socialite really is.

Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery

What Is Being Said About Ivanka’s Appearance? 

Ivanka is a pretty woman that is a fact appreciated by everybody is in agreement with this fact. However, everybody is not in agreement that the star is a natural beauty. Despite her desperate attempt to prove otherwise, celebrity bloggers have cited the unimaginable all in an effort to ascertain the plastic surgery speculations leveled against the sexy star. Additionally, her brother, Donald junior has also come up to the defense of her sister. He claims that her sister is completely natural and eth plastic surgery claims are based on malicious intentions. However, this does not change the fact that celebrity has undergone major transformations as per the before and after photos. When it comes to denying plastic surgery speculations, the denials are more convincing if accompanied by theories to explain the causes behind a celebrity transformation. Without these, these denials are dismissed as mere words.

What Surgery Has Ivanka Had? 

According to the plastic surgery allegations leveled against the star, she has visited the surgeons more than once. A number of facial procedures and breast augmentation are widely speculated procedures of Ivanka Trump plastic surgery. She must have had a chin job, nose job, Botox injections, filler injections and fat grafting for the facials and a breast augmentation for her general body image. Her facial is quite a sight that elicits mixed reactions from her fans. There are those who argue that the star looks good only from the front view and not eh side view. This difference in appearance is attested to plastic surgery that may not have been so well done. It becomes harder for speculators to fall for the natural beauty thing since it is claimed that some of her physical faults could not be fixed naturally.


There is so much to be said about Ivanka’s plastic surgery. Different contradicting opinions are offered regarding how Ivanka looks. In her before photos, there is evidence of a small bump on her nose, a bump that fails to appear in her after photos. Additionally, the rhinoplatsy claims are further evidenced with the change from the relatively wide tipped to the chiseled nose in her after photos. The after photos further reveal a dramatic change in a facial bone structure. It is hard to convince the world that there is another method of altering bone structure other than plastic surgery. Her shiny and smooth face is evidence of a facelift and a Botox procedure. However, the Botox procedure is believed to have gone bad. There is evidence of frozen facial muscles that hinder movement in the facial area. Ivanka Trump plastic surgery speculations is yet another controversial case of plastic surgery. Her fans and speculators are reduced to looking for evidence in her before and after photos together with interviews just to look for the truth within these speculations.