Jenna Dewan Plastic Surgery

Jenna Dewan Plastic Surgery

Jenna Dewan Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

When people think of extensive plastic surgery, the one thought that comes to mind is accident, accident, accident! Why? Because over the years, few of the most beautiful faces of Hollywood (both male and female) have managed to mutilate their faces beyond recognition and have practically made everyone’s worst nightmares come alive, and it is all because of extensive plastic surgery. But every now and then, there is a small surgical miracle which does manage to live up to its promise to make celebrities more beautiful than what they already are and create almost an out of this world look. And this hold’s most true when it comes to Jenna Dewan plastic surgery.

Jenna Dewan Plastic Surgery

Even though much like any other celebrity, Jenna Dewan too has chosen to remain discreet about her plastic endeavors and gives her ageing body the credit for her bold new look. Somewhere people don’t seem to be buying into her natural look story and are determined that only plastic surgery could have resulted in these drastic changes. And after spending hundreds of agonizing man hours behind scrutinizing Jenna Dewan’s new look, this is what we have to say about the Jenna Dewan plastic surgery.

The Nose

No matter how insignificant the nose may seem to us, even the slightest changes in it can raise a million eyebrows. And much to everyone’s surprise, Jenna Dewan’s nose has exactly the same thing. Rather, it raised a billion eyebrows instead of the traditional million. If you look back at Jenna’s pictures back from the day when she was lesser known, you would see that Jenna had a spread out nose and it looked as if she had spent a lot of hours sleeping on it. Because it was flatter than pizza, which was delivered to you while reading this post. However, if you look at Jenna’s current pictures, you would realize that either her nose has spent countless hours at the gym working out, breaking away from her face whenever possible. Or, she has had extensive Rhinoplasty to reshape it and change her look almost entirely.

The  Cheeks

If you flashback to the way Jenna looked right before she hit the big 3-0, the next thing which would jump out and hit you smack in the face apart from her stubby nose, would be her puffed up cheeks. Yea sure her cheeks did look like she was inspired a little too much by Droopy, but it seems that when she hit the 30 mark, she grew some wits and dances with the knife to get rid of her puffy cheeks. To get a clearer picture of how her cheeks changed, then look at her before pictures. You would see that her cheek fat was bulging out and it was going all down south. And this caused her wrinkle line around her mouth to look more prominent, making her look like… Droopy. But if you cut forward to Jenna’s today pictures, you will see that her cheeks look more stretched back and well defined, giving her a younger look.

The Boobs

Like any other smart celebrity, Jenna too knows the value of a good boob job to match her nose and cheek all too well. And the sudden jumps in cup size can only be the result of a good friend called breast augmentation. Because if the knife had nothing to do nothing with her boobs and she did it all by herself, then she is soon about to be charged with multiple lawsuits from women all over the world to reveal her secrets and from breast enhancement product companies who will love to sue her for closing their shop for good.

Even though there are other things like skin lightening and face lift which should be considered while scrutinizing the Jenna Dewan plastic surgery story, we will remain only with the facts we can notice prominently for now. Because if we reveal it all today, then you won’t be coming back anytime soon for more updates.