Jennifer Lopez Nose Job

Jennifer Lopez Nose Job

Jennifer Lopez Nose Job – Before and After Pictures

Jennifer Lopez’s contributions to music, acting, fashion, and modeling are incredible. She is also a consummate dancer, having honed her skills since she was an innocent girl. The enviable glory in Hollywood is traceable way back to her childhood when she resolved to curve out her private universe as one of America’s idols. Many people remember her as the young, lovely, and unassuming girl that first appeared on the television screens as a character in the film, My Little Girl, which premiered in 1986. Away from her success in the celebrity world, the relentless banter in the celebrity world has trained a lot of focus on her outer qualities as an icon of beauty. There are very many critics out there who seem to be obsessed with stories that revolve around Jennifer Lopez nose job.

Jennifer Lopez Nose Job

How the Rumors of Jennifer Lopez Nose Job Portray Hollywood’s Beauty Conventions:

Once in every while a Hollywood analyst or any random critics brings out pictures to prove to the world that Jennifer Lopez enhanced the appearance of her nose in her bid to retain her supermodel status. There is always the belief in the American world of stardom that a supermodel should look into the world of her fans with a faultless smile that shows evidence of perfection. Succumbing to this pressure only means that anything that appears less than perfect should be recreated and given the shape that conforms to the dimensions and alignment prescribed by the Hollywood rule book on feminine aesthetics. Is it true that J Lo actually did a nose job? The answer to this question lies in the tussle between the critics’ arguments against J Lo’s stated position. It appears the search for the last word will forever remain a wild goose chase.

What Do the Pictures Show about Jennifer Lopez’s Facial Aesthetics?

The problem with being a celebrity is that one’s private life is never private. Fans and critics will always crane their necks to get some view of some unsettling secrets. Some beauty analysts have selected varying pictures that Show J Lo at her different stages of stardom to show their evidence of the possibility of plastic surgery. According to them, J Lo was born beautiful but has sought the help of some smart plastic surgeon to elevate of scepter of feminine appeal. According to those who stick on this line of thinking, earlier pictures showed J Lo with a somewhat broad nose. To drive their point at home, the critics produce some the most recent and glamorous pictures to insist that the celebrity has acquired a pointed nose tip. They also argue that the bridge of her nose is narrower than it first appeared in the earlier pictures.

Are These Pictures Showing More Than They Should?

Photography is an art that renders itself very easily to manipulative techniques. J Lo came out once to deny that she had ever sought the help of a plastic surgeon to improve the appearance of her nose. Some critics so not want to believe her. However, there seems to be some tricks in the pictures, which these critics use to make their comparisons. For instance, some of the pictures show the celebrity at her worst in terms of dressing and hairdo. The other pictures show her in full glamour and at her best moments. Obviously, one of the pictures accentuates her appearance more than the other. Pictorial comparisons can be very deceptive. Using a discolored and blurry picture can portray a celebrity as any other average girl next door. On the other hand, computer generated images can emphasize certain aspects of facial aesthetics to drive home a predetermined perspective.