Joan Jett Plastic Surgery

Joan Jett Plastic Surgery

Joan Jett Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Joan Jett is well known as a rock icon from the 1980’s and despite her old age, she looks vibrant and a mile better than all the women her age. At 56, and with such a skin complexion, people are left speculating the various factors behind her youthful appearance and plastic surgery has never escaped the list of these gossips. These speculations have found proof in the images before and after surgery, which indicate that she might have succumbed to the Hollywood pressures to look young.

Joan Jett Plastic Surgery

Nose job

Some people consider it an insignificant part of the human face but celebrities have continuously seen it very crucial in maintaining face proportionality, a reason why they go for a nose job to alter the size and shape. If you happen to observe Joan Jett’s nose before and after surgery, you will discover a big change in shape, which can only be attributed to a nose job. She now thrives behind a narrower nose whose tip has been refined too. With the new shape, her overall face appearance is refined and it seems to complement her so well.

Facelift surgery

There is also the possibility that Joan Jett underwent some facelift surgery to enhance her appearance. Her skin especially around the forehead is so tight. At the age of 56, we expect a saggy skin but there is nothing close to this in the celebrity’s appearance. This is the most obvious reason as to why she enjoys such a youthful appearance. Her facelift surgery must have been conducted by savvy surgeons because she did not end up with the excessively tight skin which makes someone look too plastic. The non-aging skin has actually complemented the refined shape and size of her nose.

Botox injections

Not even cosmetic products could justify the skin texture that Joan Jett enjoys at her age. She must have used Botox injections which are so common with Hollywood celebrities to make her skin that smooth. There are obvious places around the mouth and eyes where one can hope to see a wrinkle but on this celebrity’s face, there is none. Not even a dead cell. Indeed she has had a series of successful surgeries and so far none has come out disastrous for this celebrity.

Cheek implants

Before plastic surgery, her photos reveal that Joan Jett had an almost flat cheek. After the surgery, however, they appear full. Although this rumor has been faint, the images give a hint. However, it remains a gossip because the procedure is not as obvious as the nose job and facelift surgery. Perhaps she decided to alter her cheeks too in order to match the new nose and overall facial appearance. It too turned out great. In spite of her fame referring back to the 80’s, she still remains eminent amongst Hollywood celebrities and her beauty could be the greatest contribution.

Like most celebrities, she has not said much regarding her plastic surgery. However, there are several surgeons affiliated to her who have come to Joan Jett’s defense, arguing that she has never gone under the knife. Some of them have further gone to the extent of defining the procedures which the celebrity ought to seek under the knife in order to maintain her good looks. Such include a lower eyelid surgery as well as Botox injections. Why could such surgeons suggest such procedures if they have never served the celebrity at some point? Whether it is publicly admitted or denied, at least the public has a way of finding out. She can hide the facts but certainly not the photos which have justified the gossip.