Joanna Krupa Plastic Surgery

Joanna Krupa Plastic Surgery

Joanna Krupa Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Famous for her leading role in the Real Housewives of Miami, Joanna Krupa is a sexy Hollywood actress widely envied for her breathtaking looks. Like most of the sexy Hollywood actresses, Joanna has had plastic surgery speculations following her throughout her career. The transformations evident upon a careful comparison of her before and after photos are not thought to be natural. Unlike the changes associated with normal growth processes, hers occurred all of a sudden further prompting the plastic surgery allegations. Most of the stars in the Real Housewives of Miami are thought to have had surgical procedures performed on them. For Joanna Krupa, it is speculated that she has had the surgical procedures common to most young women in Hollywood. A nose job, breast implant, Botox injection, liposuction and lip jobs are among the procedures the star is speculated to have had.

Joanna Krupa Plastic Surgery

The Nose Job, Botox Injection and Lip Job

Like most young Hollywood women aspiring to have an elegant appearance, Joanna decided to have her nose chiseled out. The result is an elegant pinched nose that matches well with the rest of her facial features. When the actress clocked thirty, it was speculated that she had had the Botox injection since her forehead was free of the usual wrinkles expected of women her age. Botox is a non invasive procedure making it hard to prove whether one has had it or not. Except for tightness and extraordinary shiny skin on the face, unless a star openly admits to having had a Botox injection, allegations may forever remain allegations. Joanna Krupa’s lips have also been augmentated. It is speculated that her sensuous full lips have been injected several times to increase their volume. Luckily for her, the surgeries did not alter much of her natural appearance.

Breast Jobs and liposuction

Evidenced by her before and after photos, Joanna’s breasts underwent a drastic change, from small to big then to small. This transformation is suggestive of two breast enhancement procedures: breast enlargement and reduction. After her first breast enhancement, se looked odd with the almost Dolly Parton type of breasts. The reduction procedure was perfect for her. Her breasts are proportional to her body frame, enhancing her feminine curve. At her age, it is also expected that her breasts should be sagging. Joanna Krupa has had the luck of finding good surgeons. Unlike most celebrities who have had more than one surgical procedure, the sassy Real Wives of Miami Star has had her surgeries exceptionally done. With little evidence of aging, it is clear that the star has managed to use surgery as a graceful aging technique. Rumors about her liposuction on the legs have been widely dismissed as malicious since he star harbors no scars on the legs as evidence of liposuction.

Joanna Krupa on Her Plastic Surgery

Unlike most Hollywood celebrities, Joanna has openly shared with her fans and critics on the number of surgeries she has had. She admitted to having had the two breast procedures and other non invasive procedures. According to her, she had a blood injection to help her maintain a flawless skin. Being a non invasive procedure, apparently, speculators had not thought of this yet. She further confirmed the rhinoplasty speculations and said she had her nose chiseled out with juverderm. The star also confirmed the lip job and admitted to having had a number of lip injections a thing she no longer does. She was quick to shun the liposuction speculations together with the cheek augmentation allegations. She claimed that as an eastern European, she naturally has a huge cheek bone.