Joanne Kelly Plastic Surgery

Joanne Kelly Plastic Surgery

Joanne Kelly Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Joanne Kelly was born on the 22nd of December 1978 in Bay d’Espoir, Newfoundland and Larbrador in Canada. She is a famous Canadian actress who has been featured in a number of film and television movies and series. Her role in Going the Distance made her a memorable face in the industry. She is currently remembered for her role as Myka Benryin in the television series Warehouse 13. She has won both nominations and movie awards both I her film and television career. A celebrity of her status will obviously attract the attention of different people all over the world. She has changed a lot since her early days in the industry. As a famous celebrity, surgery becomes the first speculated reason behind her transformed facial appearance. Even with no confirmation from her. The trending rumors claim that she has turned to surgery in an effort to stay young and sassy.

Joanne Kelly Plastic Surgery

The secret Behind Joanne’s Glamour Revealed

It is speculated that the ever glamorous Joanne is not defying time in the natural way. Botox, facelift and lip implants are the possible of her facial surgeries. These procedures are readily available and are preferred for their quick fix nature. They are considered the fastest solution to aging and this explains why they are preferred. However, they have a negative side and it seems like Joanne’s face is as a result of improper use. She has elicited major debates on why her face looks the way it does. Her fans are divided on the real cause of her change but a good number are convinced that cosmetic surgery has a hand in it. It is also believed that she has plumped her lips to make them fuller and sensuous, probably to match the results of the other two procedures. Totally uncharacteristic of a woman above her thirties, she has full and juicy set of lips.

Surgery Results

Joanne Kelly plastic surgery is not just a hot topic because she has had the procedures but the results in itself are a cause for debate. She looks different as expected of anyone who has transformed her looks but her change is not readily admirable. She has been accused of looking much older than her age but not all her fans agree. Despite this, you cannot deny that she is still the same beautiful Joanne since her womanly charm is still with her. She has had the wrinkles done away with and her facial skin is much smoother and refreshed. She has the skin of a teenager with the only disadvantage of being too tight. It would be better if she would consider not going through the procedures for a while as this is the only way to get her natural back.

Joanne Kelly on Her Plastic Surgery

It is very obvious that the old faces are not a fancy for many directors and celebrities are always engaged in the search for a young and sex appearance. Even when something goes wrong, they still find a way of getting past negative publicity and move on. Joanne’s attitude is admirable since she has chosen to turn a deaf ear on the negative speculations against her. Amazingly, the actress’s career seems unaffected by the trending criticism. When it comes to judging faces like Joanne’s, controversial opinion is expected since despite the fact that she has lost some of her natural appearance, her face is still amazing. Her sensuous lips were properly done since they suit the rest of her facial features. As beautiful as she looks, she should definitely not engage in any more Botox nor facelifts since she may not be so lucky next time.