Judge Reinhold Plastic Surgery

Judge Reinhold Plastic Surgery

Judge Reinhold Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Apparently the times went too fast at Ridgemont High for Judge Reinhold and he wanted to turn back the clock.

Sorry guys, that one was too easy. I’ll get back to the real story.

The former Beverly Hills Cop and Fast Times at Ridgemont High actor, Judge Reinhold, appears to have gone under the knife for some face altering work.

Judge Reinhold Plastic Surgery

Fast Times to Facelift

Although Judge is the most well-known actor of the past couple decades, he’s had his fair share of roles and public perception of him is quite high. So what’s with the facelift? At 57 and 60 coming closely, we can’t say we blame the guy for wanting to smooth out some of the wrinkles and get some roles other than grandpa. This looks to be a bit of botox and… well something in the cheek area. Gone are the days of the pudgy babyface and casual bewildered look. Judge is stepping up with an authoritative more chiseled face structure. For Judge, this isn’t exactly the most natural look and he really isn’t fooling anyone with his age.

With Plastic Surgery, 57 is the new 25 for the Judge

It happens in Hollywood all the time, 30 year olds play high school students and 40 year olds play college students and the ages continue to skew. When Judge was 25 he had his role as a High School Senior and he pulled it off pretty well. At a certain age though, 57 being one of them, you just can pull it off anymore. From the Judge’s perspective, why not get a little plastic surgery and get back to the glory days where you can flip burgers, smoke weed and get smokin’ hot chicks?

With his new elongated, professional face, we can speculate that Judge may be going for some roles he wouldn’t have been able to land previously with his somewhat casual, round face structure.

Nip/Tucking his way back to the silver screen

It started with women trying to secretly reduce the signs of aging and from there.. well, we don’t need to tell you what’s happened since then. Men have stepped up more and more to alter their faces to and try to stay relevant, land bigger roles and in general, try to compete with the young Taylor Lautner and Zac Efrons of the world that are taking the Hollywood by storm. Judge hasn’t had a lead role in a hit movie in quite some time but he’s kept busy over the years and has even branched out into some TV roles including the highly acclaimed Arrested Development.

Very Cheeky with Cosmetic Surgery 

The most noticeable change to Judge’s face is the complete lack of slack and the now bulging cheeks. He seems to have taken a page (or two) out of Joan Rivers’ book to tighten up and completely remove the excess sagging skin. For Judge, we wouldn’t’ exactly say he had excess given he is nearly 60 years old.

The cheeks, are where we would give the most criticism for Reinhold’s new look. They are a little much, verging on overpowering for his face. With his already zealous smile, the whole combination gets a little scary when his cheekbones raise to the roof.

To wrap it up, we’re not at Bruce Jenner status here, but let’s just say we kinda wish Judge and a lot of other 70’s and 80’s actors would embrace the aging faces they are given and keep giving us the great acting we know them for.

What do you think? Will the new look for Mr. Reinhold give him an edge up in the aging men pool of actors or will he continue to flounder in the bit roles department?