Julia Louis-Dreyfus Plastic Surgery

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Plastic Surgery

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Julia Louis-Dreyfuss is amazingly gorgeous and through the years, she remained a youthful looking beauty very opposed to plastic surgery. Gaining fame in the sitcom Seinfeld, in the role of Elaine, she never looked back. Through the years, she won five Screen Actors Guild Awards a Golden Globe s well as four Emmy’s. Currently in the role of New Adventures of Old Christine, the beauty that was born in 1961 surely has not changed much through the years. Everybody expect to see a older, still beautiful woman in her fifties, lined and wrinkled and visibly older when a woman turns fifty, expect in Julia’s case.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Plastic Surgery

Julia Denies Having Cosmetic Surgery

If Julia has discovered the secret behind natural ageing without plastic surgery, she is not sharing it with the world. Although nobody has seen pictures of her mother, Julia claims that her mother is an amazingly attractive natural woman who does not believe in cosmetic surgery. According to her, she ages well and thanks her great genetics and mother for her looks. Denying rumors that she has gone under the knife and had a couple of run-ins with cosmetic surgery are also factors she keeps closely guarded. Nobody denies that youthful looks guarantee more time on stage and extended career duration, however what is the point in denying the obvious.

Julia Louis-Dreyfuss Plastic Surgery Rumors

That is all anyone can call them rumors that had to start because it is virtually impossible for a woman in her fifties to look like a thirty year old without help. Nobody can deny that Julia has always been beautiful, but to remain ageless through the decades is that possible? Everybody expects a woman of a certain age to have wrinkles showing and sagging skin, Julia has none of those, which makes tongues wagging. Looking at before and after pictures of the rumored surgery the only visible difference is a slightly different nose. Her skin remains smooth and unblemished with never any lines and wrinkles appearing.

Botox is More Than a Possibility

Julia’s beautiful, fresh face free of aging signs make everybody including professionals speculate that she uses more than just anti-ageing treatments. It is simply not possible for a woman of her age to have a tight, fresh, smooth face. Filler injections such as dermal injections as well as Botox are the latest speculation. However, everyone agrees that whatever it is she is doing, is a great success and not a job gone wrong as with many other women her age.

Rhinoplasty Rumors

Careful inspection of before and after pictures of Julia’s face shows a different nose. That she had a nose job, despite her denials is seen on pictures taken in 2000 and again in 2012. Her current nose is much slimmer and narrower than before. Before pictures show her nose shape as a little wider and the supposedly new nose with the narrower bridge fits amazingly with her face.

True or False?

Unless Julia confesses to surgery or a plastic surgeon confirms it, it remains pure speculation and she remains the envy of many women. If she has indeed received anti-ageing treatments and minor work, it surely was a massive success. She is beautiful and it is impossible to compare her face with that of many celebrities who are a clearly different person from whom they were before. Julia may be the perfect example of natural beauty or she has a great plastic surgeon leaving her with satisfying results. Recently other rumors were breast implants, simply because Julia wore a low cut dress when she received a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star. Surely when looking at pictures taken years before, everybody can see, she still features the same breast size. So if that is just speculation, which is not true, maybe the rest is not true either?