Kaley Cuoco Boob Job Pics

The Coverup: Kaley Cuoco Boob Job

¬†Kaley Cuoco Boob Job – “Very Proud of It”

Have you seen Kaley Cuocos breast? I mean they are huge! This is the first reaction that most people give when it comes to Kaleys recent breast size. Kaley first managed to steal all of our collective hearts with her performance in 8 Simple Rules, but she has come a long long way since her troubled teen lifestyle. Evolving into one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing actresses of Hollywood, Kaley had it all, but somewhere she still seemed to be stuck in her high school days according to her breast size. Being rather compact, compared to her peers, Kaley always seemed a bit under the wind. But with the recent Kaley Cuoco boob job, many eyebrows have started to raise over the past few years.

The Coverup: Kaley Cuoco Boob Job


On the dawn of her new sitcom, Kaley still looked her beautiful small breasted self, but as the years went by she managed to evolve into one of the fullest women around. Even though many might say that the sudden growth is due to her muscle and mass gain over the years, we beg to differ. It is a well known fact that when women gain weight, especially on her boobs, her dear old friend gravity comes calling hard. But with Kaley it looks like gravity has been working in the opposite direction, making her look hotter and hotter. With our eyebrows raised, we sat down to have a closer look at her before and after pictures, and guess what? It has boob job written all over. Breast Augmentation has become the norm for many Hollywood stars and Kaley Cuoco boob job seem to be the latest addition to the list of celebrities who have undergone the knife.

Upon closer investigation, Kaley’s boobs have started to look a lot fuller and a lot firmer. Something only a knife can do. Even though she has been extremely careful with her boob job, taking her own sweet time to convince people that she has natural full boobs and has not gone under the knife. The looks of her new set of twins tell a whole different tale. But no matter what, we have to admit that Kaley does not look as stone breasted as many other actresses who have gone under the knife and we hope that she doesn’t do any damage to those new heavenly breasts.