Kari Byron Plastic Surgery

Kari Byron Plastic Surgery

Kari Byron Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

It seems like plastic surgery is no longer a thing for Hollywood celebrities only. American television personalities have been thought to be embrace plastic surgery in order to look good for the camera. Kari Byron is an American television host famously known as the Myth busters cast member. She has always been known for her love for a private life. She has been off the usual celebrity drama and has maintained a low profile throughout her career. Most of her fans consider her a victim of malicious plastic surgery speculations. When her plastic surgery speculations were flying in the air, her fans came out openly and defended her from what they termed as misplaced speculations. Kari has not been the plastic surgery type. Throughout her career, she has never been involved in any look enhancement procedure and this reputation has made her the good girl of America. With her low profile kind of life, it becomes more difficult to imagine that she would want the kind of attention that comes with looks accentuating procedures.

Kari Byron Plastic Surgery

Kari Byron Plastic Surgery Speculation 

When Kari Byron was seen with a considerable increase in her cup size, it was speculated that she had had a breast augmentation procedure. Breast augmentation procedures are considered number one among surgeries loved by young girls. Augmentating the breasts improves the feminine curve since it gives a woman a curvier form. Women with breast implant are known to enjoy a heightened sense of self esteem which is necessary in uptick of career success especially in show biz. In her recent television appearance, Kari Byron has been seen with a considerable volume of boobs which have made people speculate. Her breasts have tripled in size; this is clear upon a comparison of her before and after photo. However, the bone of contention is the reason behind the sudden increase in her bra size.

Childbirth or Breast Implants 

Since Kari Byron plastic surgery speculations are hard to believe, critics in her defense argue that the growth in her bust size is as a result of childbirth and not plastic surgery. Kari is a mother of one and the difference in her bust size was realized as soon as she had her baby. Different women respond differently to pregnancy and Kari is no exception. During her pregnancy, it was observed that she gained a lot of weight most of which she shed after giving birth. Her breasts also increased in volume but they have not reduced since then. While some accuse her of taking advantage of the pregnancy period to have the implants, critics that argue in her defense claim that it is normal for lactating mothers to experience an increase in the breast size. Katy is a low profile person and it is difficult to get details of whether or not she is the lactating life.

How true are These Speculations? 

Kari Byron has not commented on the trending speculations. However, it is easier to believe that her voluminous melons are as a result of childbirth than it is to believe that they are as a result of implants. There is a huge possibility that Kari is untouched by the surgeon’s knife. She has always been a beautiful woman with a remarkable degree of talent on her work. Her low profile and subtle personality does not suggest any aggressive quest for beauty and attention. The speculations leveled against pretty faced Kari will forever remain speculations until she decides to come out in the open to deny them. Alternatively, if the breast increase is as a result of lactation, she will soon have her normal pair back only that she faces the possibility of being accused of having a breast reduction procedure.