Kate Upton Body Paint

kate upton body paint

She was born as Katherine Elizabeth Upton on the 10th of June 1992 in St. Joseph Michigan. She is an American model and actress famous for her curvy body and sexy pair of boobs. She has appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She has also been the subject of the 100th Anniversary Vanity Fair cover. As a model and actress, there is no doubt on her level of attractiveness. Her name has been associated with all manner of appreciation and positive adjectives. However, she has lately shown her controversial sexy side. Her body paint saga has been trending on the media eliciting all manner of reactions from fans and critics alike. From the pictures, her sexy body is visible to the naked eye with her most private organs artistically camouflaged by paint. It is a rare view worth the attention it has received from the world.

Kate Upton bikini Body Painting

Kate Upton Body Paint

The painting is done in the form of a necklace the artistically camouflages the most private areas of her breast and bikini area. There is no doubt that it is a state of the art deal done by a qualified painter. The controversy lies in the fact that the model had to pose naked for the work to be done. While some critics applaud her for her courage and knack for knowing what to give her audience, others have criticized her for going way over the roof. Models are sometimes faced with the most daunting tasks and are forced to do what they may not want to do instead of risking loosing their jobs. Maybe, her critics should consider this fact before being extremely harsh in judging the sassy actress. Contrary to expectations of some, her career has not been affected negatively by these instead she has boosted her career now that she is identified as one of the hottest models in America.

Kate Upton hot Body Paint

What Does Kate Have To Say?

On her part the actress has no serious regrets over her body paint. She seems to enjoy the attention this has brought her way. Her only regret is that she is unable to get a serious date in that all the men she meets are either married or committed elsewhere. She does not express her views on what she thinks of this but this should give her enough food for thought. The star also claims that she feels so naked in the picture but the reality of the matter is that she is naked. She has no clothing to cover her private organ but just the work of an artist. Jokingly, she insinuated that the painter was ogling at her breasts while working the necklace on her boob area. She claims that she does not understand why it took him to long to get done with that area.

Reactions from Her Fans

Kate Upton body paint is a stunning image that could literary stop traffic if it was hang on a billboard. She has attracted both criticism and admiration in equal measures. Being a full figured sex symbol, the picture is too sensual for some. Luckily, she is still a celebrated model and her career has benefited a great deal from this incident. Her courage has paid well. it would have been extremely sad had she risked posing nude only for her to lose her fans and popularity. She is a demonstration of what show biz is all about. Sometimes, you have to be courageous enough to attempt a daring stance and hope that all goes well for you. With all the fuss her body paint picture has created, there is little doubt that the topic will be out of media discussions any time soon.