Kate Upton’s Opinion on Her Boobs and Why She Desires Smaller Ones

Kate Upton Hot

Kate Upton has always graced the celebrity world with her incredible beauty, great acting skills, and an accommodating personality. The 22-year-old celebrity has won the admiration and love of women in the United States and beyond on account of her great charm and pride in her voluptuous body. She is considered as the ultimate antithesis to the monotonous narrative of Hollywood with regard to beauty and aesthetics. Kate’s bust and body size are out of the standards developed and upheld by Hollywood and the entire celebrity world, which lays a lot of emphasis on the hourglass figure for every woman. Kate has a massive bust that has earned her praise and disapproval in nearly equal measure. One great thing that many fans like about Kate Upton boobs is that they are natural and balanced with the rest of her body. In fact, this element of balance has helped the gifted actor to escape excessive speculations on the possibility of plastic surgery.

Kate’s public views about plastic surgery:

In spite of her defiance against Hollywood’s conventions on beauty, Kate Upton has continued to feature prominently and splendidly in the celebrity world. Her impressive appearance on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue has been upheld as a significant sign of approval of her idea of a woman’s true beauty. The cover image presents her as a smashing beauty with a poise that bewitches millions, or probably billions of fans around the world. Kate knows that she must keep up with the spirit of liberal beauty in order to fend of the usual patterns of critics who push women to the wall of conventions against their will. Her story illustrates an individual’s indomitable will to conquer and subdue the narrow perceptions of beauty, which have been let loose on the society.

Kate Upton boobs and her message to other women:

Kate Upton insists that women should appreciate their bodies regardless of what the world thinks. She finds fault in the established traditions that have sustained some stringent stereotypes to control every woman’s body. There are good reasons that make her to stand firm. For instance, it is grossly unfair to force every woman to conform to the hourglass figure for the superficial reason of pleasing the gods of Hollywood. Nothing should come in the way of a woman’s liberty and freedom of choice. It is even more disturbing when men take it as their business to define the standards of beauty for the female celebrities. Patriarchy should never be let to reign loose on the celebrity stage. On this account, it makes sense to appeal to common sense on matters of beauty and fashion. Kate Upton has done an impressive job in this direction. All in all, Kate is a living example of a liberal and defiant woman who can confront the superficial conventions of beauty and live to tell the story.

Why Kate Upton loves her voluptuous bust but still yearns for smaller boobs:

On various occasions, Kate Upton has encouraged women to stop craving the petite bodies that are glorified by the traditions of beauty. She admitted to loving her own body intensely and with a passion that has encouraged other women to pursue the same course. Nobody wishes to live in a world where the standards of beauty are limited to some rigid traditions that have no backing in the world of variety. However, Kate Upton says that she would have preferred smaller boobs for her own comfort. She admits that her big bust limits the nature of clothing she can choose on some occasions. As such, she would be willing to trade a few aspects of her liberal spirit with a smaller bust only for the sake of a more comfortable wardrobe. Her silent agonies speak a lot about the daily battles that women must engage with their bodies in search of the slim bodies that fit easily in the conventions of fashion.