Katherine Heigl Plastic Surgery

Katherine Heigl Plastic Surgery

Katherine Heigl Before and After Photos

Aside from being one of today’s most talented and successful actresses, Katherine Heigl continues in the direction of really good things with a skillfully crafted focus that will give the audience more things to cheer about as times goes on. If there is one thing that is really true about Heigl, she is one true and genuine beauty, with classic features that were taken straight out of the 40’s. It is these features of extreme beauty that make the public and parts of the media weary with cosmetic surgery concerns. So if Katherine Heigl plastic surgery did in fact have occurred, could it give the public a different perception of her or will it be a neutral thing that will pass as time goes.

Several people out there who think that she may have had breast implants but one thing is for certain, she has never admitted to any sort of procedure. The fact of the matter is, Heigl is still considered a young woman, so any sort of procedure aside from the smaller Botox type of surgeries would be rather unique.

Great Work on all Accounts

When you take a look at some of her past pictures as opposed to her new ones, you can clearly see the difference that Heigl had certainly gone through some changes. She has always appeared to keep her size of body and breast typically in the same range since even her early days on TV because they are very well balanced and solidly proportionate. So, even in the event she did get plastic surgery, whomever she has employed as her surgeon has done a really fine work on all aspects.

Regarding the appearance of her face, the consensus as a whole seem to feel that she has likely not gone under any procedures. The one thing that stands out is that Heigl has stated that if down the road, if she needs any kind of work done that she will decide when she gets to that point.

Changes in the Nose Area

Next, it sounds like some people have thought that she may have indeed done a little work on her nose but it looks like, judging by the before and afters that there is a good chance that she didn’t because the supposed changes are really minute to say the least. What can be said about those changes in her nose is that the bridge may have been thinned out and the sides of her nose look to have maybe altered a tad in order to accommodate the changes made on the bridge.

Then lastly, her chin has been noted to make an alteration as well. There almost appears to be maybe a slight cleft indentation made but in some of the other photos which were taken around the same time show no significant change or even slight change for that matter.

Much More Career Still Ahead

Whether she underwent a procedure or not, Katherine Heigl plastic surgery looks to have been what every plastic surgery procedure seeker would like, a total success all the way around. Even if she indeed did get cosmetic surgery, there is no signs that it would have altered her career in any way. Things still look to be going full steam ahead for Katherine Heigl’s career.