Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery

Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery

Kathy Griffin Before and After Photos

She was born as Kathleen Mary “Kathy” Griffin on the 4th of November 1960 in Chicago Illinois. She is an actress, comedian, television host, producer and writer. She is the daughter to Mary Margaret and John Patrick Griffin. She comes from a family of five. She is the youngest child of the family. When she was eighteen years old, she moved to Los Angeles where she enrolled at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. Throughout her life, she has been suffering from food issues and she states that she has learnt to deal with them. She came to the limelight between 2005 and 2010 through her reality television show: My Life on the D-List. She has two Emmy Awards to her name owing to his reality television show.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

She is a beautiful woman who has attracted a lot of media attention. Her stunning looks have brought cosmetic surgery speculations her way. At the age of 65, she looks as stunning as she did twenty years ago. Apparently, the secret behind her good looks is not just regular diet and exercise, she has openly admitted to having had a few procedures. She turned to cosmetic surgery not only to prevent time from taking its toll on her but also to fix what she did not like about her natural looks. She has openly admitted to a nose job, liposuction and brow lift. However, there are more speculations about a dental procedure.

The Facials and Liposuction

According to the actress, she did not like the shape and size of her nose and thus opted for rhinoplasty to fix this. In her current pictures, you will notice that her nose is more slender and with a refined tip. This is a favorite procedure among many celebrities who are looking to attain an elegant look.

She also had a brow lift procedure. This is an anti-aging procedure which gets rid of wrinkles and sagging skin. While facelifts are the most common anti-aging procedures, brow lifts are loved by those who do not want a full facelift. The actress definitely looks younger than her age since the usual traces of old age have been wiped out.

The sensational actress and comedian also admitted to having had liposuction. She claims that she had the procedure twice. Her first was not successful since she suffered from body aches. She then went for the second round which was successful. This procedure is a quick fix solution to tummy fat. It gets rid of excess fats which are disposed different parts of the body as people age. Kathy now boosts of a gorgeous body with a flat stomach, something that is unlikely of women of her age.

Surgery results

Generally, she looks prettier and younger than her age. Despite the obvious improvement in her general appearance, the results of her surgery are a bit controversial. Some critics have argued that she lost her natural beauty to surgery. The pretty faced comedian is lucky that her surgery results are not bad enough to affect her career. She is still a trend setter who is loved by her fans.