Kenya Moore Butt Implants

Kenya Moore Butt Implants

Kenya Moore Butt Implants – Before and After Pictures

Despite her best efforts, Kenya Moore has failed to convince crowds of critics that her butt is real and natural. The critics contend that the highly talented actress and model has engaged in a clandestine plastic surgery to enhance the size of her butt. Many more critics have reasons to believe that the one-time winner of Miss USA 1993 has maintained a perfect body size because of the precision and skill of some shadowy surgeon. Kenya Moore is not very lucky because some of the cynics have the advantage of having seen her grow up since the tender age of sixteen. According to them, the celebrity did not have the perfect butt, which she currently shows to millions of viewers around the world. Butts are always fascinating items for female celebrities. Having an outstanding butt remains a silent dream for most celebrities in the US and elsewhere on the planet.

Kenya Moore Butt Implants

The Fat Truths About Kenya Moore Butt Implants:

Kenya Moore does not like the way that hawk-eyed critics pry into her butt affairs. She prefers them to limit their interest in admiring the ways she sways about with an emphatic feminine grace. It is not for nothing that some top celebrities have sought some stake into her romantic life. As it appears, Kenya Moore knows the right size of the butt for a celebrity of her stature. That is one reason that might have propelled her interest into the discrete world of celebrity plastic surgeries. It would be difficult to conceal the fact that Kenya Moore is one of the most beautiful and outstanding African-American stars of all times. This truth settles home easily when her body is viewed from the rear. In every respect, the butt implants seem to have dug out the recessive elements of beauty, which had remained concealed for years. This is not what Kenya Moore wants the world to believe.

Moore’s Spirited Defense Against Butt Implant Rumors:

Kenya Moore has struggled to shake off the rumor of her butt implants without any evident success. Those who have worked and lived close to Moore have more than one reason to reject the celebrity’s spirited defenses against the rumor of breast implants. In their view, Moore is a seasoned liar who would do all in her power to shift everybody’s attention from her butt affairs. These critics believe that the celebrity has lied consistently about other matters relating to her plastic surgery. There is little cause to dismiss the all the doubts because the evidence of previous images seem to point away from Moore’s statements of self-defense. Moore wants everybody to believe that the size of her butts is simply the product of consistent exercises and the right choices of diet. It is hard to imagine how dieting could increase the size of the butt without uniform growth of the other parts of the body.

Fashion Taste that Accentuates Moore’s Butt:

It is never an exaggeration to insist the Moore has an amazing sense of fashion. She makes very careful choices of her clothes with the clear objective to enthrall and mesmerize. Her past pictures show that Moore had a smaller butt before some surgeon’s scalpel gave her some added advantage. After the alleged butt implants, Moore changed her fashion to include some fitting dresses that brought out her curves with remarkable magnetism. Some in the know insist the implants were done in Mexico. Others simply want Moore to do away with needless denials and tell the world some details of her butt implants. After all, why should she be ashamed of such precious assets?