Kim Ah Joong Plastic Surgery

Kim Ah Joong Plastic Surgery

Kim Ah Joong Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Perhaps very few South Korean models can ever hope to match or surpass Kim Ah Joong in terms of beauty and talent. The 31-year-old model is celebrated actress and an amazing singer. She has never disappointed anytime she appears on the big screens, or whenever some sweet melodious voice is required. More than her great talents, Kim is a tantalizing beauty to reckon with. She has mesmerized her fans in Seoul and beyond with her mellifluous voice and strong acting skills. However, something in her life seems to have captured the attention of the world more than her spellbinding abilities. The celebrity gossipers have noticed major changes in Kim’s beauty. She does not look exactly the way people knew her many years ago. This realization has fueled speculations about the possibility of plastic surgery. Up to now, she has not come out to clear the air. Maybe she sees no need.

Kim Ah Joong Plastic Surgery

The Things Gossipers See in the Before and After Photos

Many celebrity publishers, tweeters, and Facebook chatter have lit up with surprising account on how Kim managed to change her appearance in a very drastic way. Bloggers insist that the photos taken before Kim went under the surgeon’s knife. The difference was largely noticeable on her face. According to the bloggers, the pictures captured earlier show Kim with a larger nose, an ordinary jaw line, and narrow eyes. In other words, the great actress once looked like any other girl in Seoul. There was nothing spectacularly different about Kim. However, the photos taken later show the same celebrity with very different and a bit strange even to those who have known her long enough. The latest pictures show Kim with big beautiful eyes, a smaller and pointed nose, and a well-defined jaw line. Opinions from the tabloids and social networks suggest that some extensive surgical procedures brought about these chances.

The Rumors about a Nose Job, Double Eyelid Surgery, and Jaw Line Surgery

Multiple speculations have suggested that Kim Ah Joong benefited significantly from a variety of plastic procedures. These sources have mentioned a nose job, double eyelid surgery, and a jaw line surgery. She wanted anything that would help her conform to the accepted standards of beauty. A broad nose job does not help any woman climb up the celebrity ladder. Standards favor smaller noses with sharp tips. Kim might have walked with such specifics into her surgeon’s place of work. To her delight, she received what she wanted. Kim’s current face shows a nicely shaped face with a narrow bridge and a pointed tip. She now looks like some of the smashing beauties in the celebrity world. Kim also wanted some bigger eyes in order to fit into the traditions of western beauty. The surgeon made sure she had them. It would appear as though she really meant to sell out to the western standards of beauty when she sought some modifications on her jaw line. Some critics would consider these changes outrageous while others have already cast doubts on whether Kim really visited any surgeon. At this point, it is now anyone’s guess.

The Reason Some People Welcomed Kim’s New Image

For many of her fans, Kim is simply on fire. In many quarters, she is considered the trailblazer that young girls needed to up their game in the tumultuous world of stardom. The majority of her fans beyond Seoul appear to have endorsed her new image without much criticism. She is lucky to have been born in a country that values plastic surgery as a trendy practice. Some celebrity analysts have named South Korea as the international destination of plastic surgery. The country is famed as one with the best plastic surgeons on the planet. Perhaps, this is one reason why Kim’s surgery came out very successfully. The danger could be that a whole generation of celebrities could be converted into plastic dolls. For now, only results matter.