Kristen Wiig Nose Job

Kristen Wiig Nose Job

Kristen Wiig Nose Job – Before and After Pictures

Comedians too need some beauty. This appears to be the silent message that the immensely talented Kristen Wiig seems to be telling those caught by surprise by her new looks. It is no secret that Wiig has changed in looks and style. She looks different and in some pleasant manner. Lovers of comedy were always thrilled by Wiig’s performance on the Saturday Night Live. She inspires confidence and shows great skill and experience in comedy and acting. That is why she remains a household name for lovers of comedy who want some spice of maturity and uniqueness in the art. However, many of Wiig’s admirers and fans all over the world did not know how to react after they noticed that their celebrity spotted a new nose. A smaller and sharp nose has become the defining statement of beauty in the shifting world of celebrity. Kristen Wiig nose job has attracted praise and blame for reasons as varied as her age and occupation.

Kristen Wiig Nose Job

Replenishing Fading Beauty with a Noticeable Nose Job:

It is now an open secret that Kristen Wiig did not like the size of her nose. It did not fit into her definition of beauty. There is never a clear limit to the kind of cosmetic change that a famous personality should consider to please a legion of supportive fans. Every woman wants to increase the level of feminine attraction with all the option within or beyond their disposal. Kristen Wiig has acquired some modest resources and status out of her acting career. As such, nothing could hold her back from seeking some few changes regarding the size of her nose. However, some people believe that the whole change was purely inappropriate. Many others think that the change she achieved did not blend well with her other looks in general.

The Obvious Evidence from Past and Present Pictures:

Earlier pictures indicate that the Kristen Wiig had a flat and ordinary nose that looked more masculine than feminine. The proof of her surgery shows clearly in the reduced size of the bridge and the narrowness of the bridge, which gives her an impressive appeal that goes beyond the public expectations of a comedian. Some people believe that her nose before the surgery gave her a funny look that blended well with her occupation as a comedian. Wiig’s harshest critics seem to overlook the fact she is a woman and naturally given to the desire to enhance her appearance. Wiig does not go through all her life as a funny woman. Therefore, she should be allowed to drop the clown in her even if it calls for visiting the cosmetic surgeon one more time for a different reason.

Did Kristen Wiig Succumb to the Gravity of Trends and Fashion?

For many who believe that Kristen Wiig nose job was unnecessary, they tend to blame the force of fashion and emerging trends as the primary influence behind the surgery. Many female celebrities believe that fat nose diminishes their outward appeal towards their adoring subjects. Stories of other successful facial transformations have reinforces the view that every woman’s nose must have a pointed tip and a noticeably narrow bridge. This is exactly the same results that Wiig received after the plastic surgery. However, some people believe that her face and profession did not require strenuous enhancements. Those who embrace this view argue that Wiig has an average face and the new image she received lacked the element of balance. Nevertheless, her fans have come out in great shows of support and appreciation of her new looks. According to them, the nose job promoted her feminine attractiveness in a way that makes her more appealing on stage.