Lauren Holly Plastic Surgery… Or not?

Lauren Holly Plastic Surgery... Or not?

We have some Lauren Holly plastic surgery before after photos for you to take a look at – but you might be surprised at what she hasn’t had done.

Unlike most celebs who undergo the knife, Lauren Holly was happy to admit that she had. She says that she is quite happy with her new breasts, which look quite natural and sexy on her. Her fans have embraced the change to her bust line with open arms. Though she opted for the larger D cups like most other celebrities lately, unlike most others, they look very natural on her. She chose the right size and shape for her body frame. It gives her curves but doesn’t drag her down or look too heavy. They also don’t look like pool floats.

Lauren Holly Plastic Surgery... Or not?

And while fans may be as happy with her new breasts as she is, they still speculate on whether or not she’s had botox. The shocking truth is that she has not. Her young and healthy looking skin is all natural, no fillers. There are plenty of ways to keep your skin looking young and healthy well into your fifties (which she hasn’t quite hit yet), one of which is to be happy. And she certainly does look happy.

While many will still wonder and talk about whether her skin is in such great shape because of good genes, good luck, or just flat out plain old good plastic surgery, I doubt that someone who would admit up to getting breast implants would deny getting facial work done. Especially when she looks so fabulous.

So if you want to know if she really had any work done to her face, take a careful look at her pictures from yesteryear and present day. Personally, I don’t think that she had any work done on her face. Her skin looks far too natural for it to be done through injections or lifts. But, having said that, surgeons are getting better and better at making their procedures look natural.

Either way, I’m both proud and impressed that she owned up to having her breasts done. Too few celebrities embrace the truth!