Lea Michelle Nose Job

Lea Michelle Plastic Surgery

Lea Michelle Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

It was not long after Lea’s face became famous in magazines and cinemas that the plastic surgery speculations arose. In Hollywood, popular celebrities are focused upon in an effort to determine how natural their looks are. Lea Michelle is a successful actor and musician, popularly known for her role in the much watched television series Glee. She was born in the year 1986 in Bronx New York in America. Also known as Lea Michelle Sarfati, the now actor and singer has always been known as a natural beauty. She is an extremely attractive woman with a great talent that has blossomed in the course of her career. However, could it be that the natural Lea has finally spotted her natural looks with plastic surgery? According to speculations, Lea might have just fallen into the plastic surgery temptation. It is speculated that the singing sensation has had a rhinoplasty

Lea Michelle Plastic Surgery

Lea Michelle Nose Job

Plastic surgery speculations levelled against Lea are not so easy to believe. Leah has had a plastic surgery free career and it is almost impossible to imagine that she may turn to these procedures at the age of 28. The star will be turning 28 this year. When pictures of almost narrowed nosed Lea Michelle were trending on the social media with plastic surgery claims, Lea was busy denying these allegations. According to speculations, Lea Michelle nose job is evident upon a comparison of her before and after photos. As much as it is difficult to imagine that a star like her can turn to plastic surgery, it is harder to believe that people cannot change. Lea could have had the surgery or she could be a victim of speculations. However, with all the pressure to look beautiful and elegant in Hollywood, there is no telling how much pressure a girl can take.

What Does Lea Have To Say?

Apart from denying the surgery accusations, Lea has openly condemned plastic surgery. According to her, she does not believe that people need to look the same. She celebrates diversity in looks and asks every woman to be proud of who they are. She goes further to reveal that she is well aware of the fact that her nose is far from elegant but she does not let that affect who she is. Seemingly, Lea can handle the pressure to look like anyone else since it is not her first time. She claims that she was the only one among her high school classmates that did not have her nose done. Good job Lea. But where does the star get her self-control l from? If what she says is true, the actress has had a good upbringing. Her mother has repeatedly advised her not to have her nose done.

Surgery or Makeup Application Tips

Some of Hollywood actresses claim that makeup that has been properly applied can give the impression of a narrow nose. There is no telling how true this statement is. According to some critics, Lea Michele speculated nose job could be as a result of proper makeup application tips. On the other hand, critics on her defense take the picture alteration angle. According to them, the pictures trending on the internet have been altered to give the false impression of a nose job. Lea Michelle nose job speculations are a controversial case. It is more of a matter of personal opinion since the star has already denied these allegations. Lea Michelle is among the few Hollywood celebrities known to appreciate their natural appearance. If you compare her before and after photos you can arrive at your own personal conclusion whether the difference denotes rhinoplasty.