Leah Miller Plastic Surgery

Leah Miller Plastic Surgery

Leah Miller Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born on the 20th of July 1981. She is famously known as the former Much music VJ from Toronto. She has been a television host for So you think you can dance Canada. With her profile, it does not come as a surprise that she is a hot topic among celebrity bloggers. The celebrity was introduced in the world of fame at a very tender age of 13. It was at this age when she won the title of Miss Junior Dance of Canada. In 2009, she won a Gemini award for best performance and the following year she earned herself another nomination. She is currently a Correspondent for Ent News Shows E Talk. She is a celebrated actress with looks and talent to match. It is no surprise that she may have succumbed to the Hollywood pressure to turn to cosmetic surgery to look good.

Leah Miller Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery or Speculations?

Looking at the star in her present days she is very different from what she was in her earlier days. Trending on the internet are pictures of the celebrity with differences that cannot be ignored. However, you cannot brush aside the fact that Hollywood celebrities have many tricks to make them look different. The lightning and picture angles are one trick that can cause lots of differences in celebrity appearance. Growth also comes with many body changes and celebrities too, like any other person experience these changes. Leah Miller first appeared in show business at a very tender age. In this case, you cannot completely ignore the possibility of growth in the transformations. Being a celebrity, the possibility of indulging in cosmetic procedures is very high. According to speculators, she has the tell tale signs of plastic surgery. The speculated of Leah Miller plastic surgery include Botox, Breast implants and eyelid surgery.

Breast Implants

Boob jobs are considered the number one procedure for young celebrities. A firm and curvy pair is an asset that accentuates the feminine figure making young women sexier and more attractive. It is also common among women who want to look younger than their age since the silicone implants add body to the already sagging breasts. Her firm and curvy assets are enhanced by silicone. Although she has remained tight lipped about this, the speculations are still trending. Firm breasts could also be due to wearing the right size of bra which gives the breasts proper support to prevent them from sagging. She could also be investing in pushup bras to make her boobs appear bigger and fuller. At the age of 33, Leah is relatively young and it would be unfair to expect that her boobs would have already sagged.

Botox and Eyelid Surgery

It is also speculated that the sassy Leah has indulged in the above anti aging procedures. These procedures have been termed as unnecessary given that she is still in her early thirties. Luckily, her indulgence in the unnecessary surgeries has been in moderation and she has not lost her natural striking looks. However, since she is yet to suffer from wrinkles, it would be best for her to wait until she ages in order to indulge in the above surgeries. Eyelid surgeries get rid of eye bags and open the eyes wider making one look more alive, young and sexier. Although the actress has not given any comment regarding these allegations, her pictures betray her silence. It is not easy to believe that her changes are due to the different make up and styling techniques. It is a good thing that she is still the adorable Leah of old times and her procedures have made her prettier and sexier.