Lee Da Hae Plastic Surgery

Lee Da Hae Plastic Surgery

Lee Da Hae Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

She was born as Byun Da Hae on the 19th of April 1984 in Seoul South Korea. She is a Korean actress who became famous after portraying different roles in a number of Korean films including Miss Ripley and My Girl among many others. She spent most of her teen years in Australia after her family moved from Korea when she was in grade five. While in Australia, she performed traditional; Korean dances before the locals. She attended the Burwood girls High school and moved back to her birth town in Korea after graduation. To the present, she and her mother still reside there while her father and brother reside in Sydney Australia.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

It seems like cosmetic procedures are no longer a thing for Hollywood celebrities. Lately, the Korean industry has proved an allegiance to these procedures. Most of the actors and actresses in the field have engaged in facial reconstructing procedures in order to meet the current standards of beauty which are far from their natural appearances. Lee Da Hae is among the Korean actresses rumored to having taken the decision to go under the knife for a few procedures. Although she has chosen to ignore the trending speculations, she is definitely a transformed woman and almost unrecognizable in her present photos. She could have grown and lost most of the baby fat but when it comes to changes in the bone structure, it is obvious that something more invasive and deliberate is at play.

Nose job, Eyelid Surgery and Jawbone

The desire for a thin nose with narrow nostrils has been driving many celebrities to go for a nose job. Lee’s previous pictures show that he had a relatively wide nose. However, in the current trending pictures, her nose has undergone a major reduction. She has acquired the much sought after elegant nose. Although the change in her nose is obvious, it is yet to be proven that she had it reduced through this procedure since she herself has remained quiet over the allegations but the possibility of rhinoplasty cannot be completed ruled out.

Asians are known for having narrow eyes and overtime, this feature has not worked well for those seeking a career in the entertainment industry since the eyes are a powerful communicating tool. This fact has pushed most of them into seeking a double eyelid surgery in order to widen their eyes although others do it just for the sake of beauty. This is a number one surgery for celebrities of Asian ancestry. The sudden change in her eyes has been enabled by a double eyelid procedure. Her eyes are wider than before fuelling the speculations that she worked on them.

She is also believed to have undergone a jawbone procedure. This is a procedure which lengthens the jawbone in order to achieve an oval face. Her elevated cheeks are further proof that she may have actually indulged in this surgery. Some facial changes are not easy to associated with growth this one included.

Surgery Results

Judging from her alleged choice of surgery it is clear that the actress wanted to work on her appearance. Luckily or her, it all her procedures were carried out professionally and she is still almost a natural beauty. Her oval face augers well with the wide eyes and narrow nose . She is definitely prettier and more elegant than before .