Lorenzo Lamas Plastic Surgery

lorenzo lamas plastic surgery

Lorenzo Lamas Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Lorenzo Craig was born on the 20th of January 1958 in Santa Monica in California. He is an American actor known for his stunning looks. He obviously got these looks from his family since his lineage is full of good looking people who have achieved great success in the entertainment industry. His father Fernando Lamas is an actor from Argentina while his mother Arlene Dahl is an actress. The actor is known for playing the role of Lance Cumson in the soap opera Falcon Crest. This is a soap that aired in the 80s. He has also appeared in many other soap operas including the Bold and the Beautiful. He says that he always wanted to be an actor from the age of. He took up acting classes. He is currently famous for staring on the E reality television show, Leave it to Lamar which focuses on his family life.

lorenzo lamas plastic surgery

Lorenzo Lamas Plastic Surgery

The actor’s name has been carried with a lot of praise in the internet. He had always been known as the handsome guy with breathtaking abs. however, this is no longer the case since he has lost the glow that made him a darling to most of his fans. In fact, some of his fans think he has become unrecognizable. This is belied to be as a result of cosmetic surgery. Celebrities turn to cosmetic surgery to mend their appearances but sometimes things do not go their way. Lorenzo Lamas plastic surgery has made him more famous but definitely in the wrong way. It is believed that his choice teenage in cosmetic surgery was made in an effort to ensure he stays young.

Botox and Facelift Claims

These procedures are the initial stages to combating wrinkles, crowfeet and sagging skin. They are addictive procedures and have turned on celebrities who have failed to use them within manufacturer’s instructions. Lorenzo’s face is not as it was before. He has the normal expected changes in an adult. His features are more outlined but the no longer as striking as they were before. Too much Botox takes away natural appeal. It is unfortunate that an actor as handsome and talented as Lorenzo has to go down the books of celebrities with plastic surgery gone wrong. Although his results are not the worst you have seen in Hollywood, you have to agree that he looked better natural.

Eyelid Surgery and Liposuction

It is believed that he has also had an eyelid surgery. Eye bags do not only make someone appear older but also makes the eyes appear smaller. The removal of eye bags also makes the eyes wider but it sometime widens the eyes too much. The change in Lorenzo’s face is also alluded to his new eye size which does not auger so well with the rest of his facial features. He is also faced with liposuction claims. These clams are fuelled by the fact that there is a layer of folded skin around his belly button. This is claimed to be as a result of the sucking of extra belly fat. Lorenzo is obviously an appearance conscious celebrity and his body shape is one of the areas he works on. There is a possibility that he had to turn on liposuction to help get rid of excess tummy fat.

What Critics Think

According to Dr. Michael Salzhauer , the actor must have had an abdominal liposuction. He claims that the folded skin around his belly button is a clear indication of this fact. On the other hand, Dr. Shafer offers a slightly different opinion to the one offered by Salzhauer. In his opinion, he argues that the folded skin could or could not be as a result of liposuction. Shafer also observes that Lorenzo must have benefited from other anti aging surgeries. As the debate around his very changing looks gets hotter, the actor has refused to give any comments.