Lucy Lawless Plastic Surgery

Lucy Lawless Plastic Surgery

Lucy Lawless Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

She was born as Lucille Frances Lawless on the 29th of March 196 in Auckland New Zealand. She is a renowned actress, musician and activist. She has portrayed different roles in a number of movies and television series including Spartacus: Blood and Sand among many others. She is widely famous for her role in Warrior princess where she portrays the leading role. She is the daughter to Frank Ryan and Ryan who worked as the Mayor of Mount Albert and banker and teacher respectively. She comes from a family of six with one sister and four brothers. She is the second last member of the family. She started her career at a relatively tender age earning her first musical role when she was only ten years old. She begun developing her passion in acting when she was in secondary school.

Plastic Surgery

The actress and musician has been faced with cosmetic surgery allegations based on her age defying looks. She has attracted the attention of various critics some of whom differ on whether or not she has gone under the knife. Dr. Michael Salzhauer argues that the warrior princess star has definitely engaged in Botox and filler injections to maintain radiant look. He observes that the star is refreshed with a perfectly toned out body shape linking the latter to good diet and exercise. His view are seconded by Dr. Paul Nassif who argues that she must have had some work done. However, Dr. Shafer disagrees with the two since he finds her looks natural. Lucy has not reacted to the trending rumors and her plastic surgery speculations are still a hot topic among critics.

Botox, Fillers and Breast Implants

If you look at her pictures in the internet, you cannot readily say that she has used cosmetic surgery to reverse the aging process. However there is something about her face that looks a bit too young for her age. Is it good genes or Botox and fillers? This is the question on everyone’s mind every time the name of the sassy actress pops up. Dr. Shafer notes that there is lack of definite proof even when her pictures are compared.

It is also argued that she has had her boobs done. Just like the controversial fillers and Botox claims, the breast augmentation rumors lack strong evidence. At some point, there was a slight change in the size of her boobs but the reason behind this change is yet to be known. Women alter the shape of their boobs all the time and there is a strong rumor that she is one of them. However, her silence reduces the possibility of ever knowing the truth.

Surgery Results

Everyone who knows Lucy admires her radiant looks and perfectly toned out body. Despite her age, she has managed to maintain a trim figure. it is not clear whether or not she has benefited from the speculated procedures but one thing is clear, she looks amazing. The admirable actress is a case of successful plastic surgery if it is the reason behind her enviable appearance.