Mariska Hargitay Plastic Surgery

Mariska Hargitay Plastic Surgery

Mariska Hargitay Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Hollywood celebrities and plastic surgery speculations seem to be inseparable. Judging from the number of these celebrates who have decided to embrace this concept of beauty; plastic surgery has become the norm in Hollywood. As long as you have the money and guts as Dolly Parton would say, then you have the right to correct you physical flaws. There is no doubt that plastic surgery makes you feel good. Acquiring great admiration and looking beautiful is a number one source of a heightened sense of self esteem. When the pretty faced Mariska Hargitay’s name was all over the internet in recent published stories. It was not with her usual career success but with plastic surgery speculations. It is speculated that the mother of four is no longer a natural beauty. Mariska has always been a beautiful woman and luckily for her the plastic surgery speculations are not against her new image.

Mariska Hargitay Plastic Surgery

What Are Mariska’s Surgeries? 

Plastic surgery has become a usual occurrence among Hollywood celebrities such that it has become normal for celebrities to have up to five procedures. Al these procedures are centered on fixing physical flaws or simply enhancing appearance. There are many aspects that define a beautiful face. Apparently in Hollywood, a relatively long face with an oval shape is a treasure. It is hard to believe just how far the definition of beauty goes. For this reason, celebrities without the much sought after long face are forced to have their chins augmentated. Mariska is peculated to having had her chin augmentated. She is among the very few celebrities who have had only one surgical procedure. Most celebrities, especially those of her age are prawn to Botox and facelifts to fight aging. Apparently, the star has other methods of combating wrinkles and skin sags but had to turn to plastic surgery to fix this “flaw” that could not be fixed naturally.

Mariska Hargitay Chin Augmentation 

The chin augmentation is Mariska’s only chin transplant. According to her before and after photos, her chin has surely undergone a transformation. A permanent physical change like the change in the shape and size of a chin is hard to hide and deny. Clearly, Mariska knew what she needed to do to her face to look amazing. Her new and oval face has replaced the rounded face she once had. The chin transplant led to the elongation of her chin. She looks more attractive with her sharp and more pronounced chin. Chin elongation procedures are gradually rising with the rising desire to fit into Hollywood’s latest definition of beauty. Apparently a round face is not as attractive as an oval face. Hollywood must have a way of crushing self esteem since most celebrities appear to be unable to appreciate their natural appearances any longer. Everyone is ready to change because they have little faith in just how good they look in their natural selves.

What Does Mariska Have To Say?

Throughout her acting career, Mariska has not been a plastic surgery addict. Unlike celebrities whose norm has always been plastic surgery, the star stuck to her natural self. She has vehemently denied these accusations despite the evidence leveled against her. She claims that as a mother of four, she I proud of her natural self. Mariska could be playing the reverse psychology trick on her fans but then again she could be honest. Plastic surgery allegations are always flying around Hollywood celebrities and she could be one of the victims of malicious gossip. Maybe the difference in her chin could be as a result of changes in growth. Despite all these, Mariska looks good in her oval face and her fans commend that she should keep doing what she is doing to stay fit without excessive surgeries.