Mariska Hargitay Weight Gain

Mariska Hargitay Weight Gain

Mariska Hargitay Weight Gain – Before and After Pictures

In today’s world celebrities are scrutinized in everything they do. Therefore it is very unlikely that a major change in a celebrity’s boy will go unnoticed. Looks are everything in the entertainment business. This is why Mariska Hargitay weight gain did not go unmentioned. The fact that she is the daughter to Mickey Hargitay, a body builder is one of the reasons why many people questioned her weight gain. Many assumed that she has learnt a lot from her father about maintaining a healthy body weight. Most people are making speculations about her weight loss. Below is an explanation to Mariska Hargitay weight gain.

Mariska Hargitay Weight Gain

When the Weigh Gain Began

It is clearly known that Mariska Hargitay was never chubby. For many years the actress has had one of the most enviable bodies among the celebrities. However this changed when she got pregnant at age 41. Every mother knows that you cannot control how much you eat when pregnant. This was the same case for Mariska Hargitay. She grew bigger by the day and it did not get any better after she gave birth.

Mariska Hargitay’s Lung Injury

In the year 2008, the actress suffered a lung injury while at work. The injuries she suffered where serious to the point that she needed surgery. The medications she was prescribed with to deal with the pain made her gain weight uncontrollably. This added to the baby fat and she became even chubbier. Having injured her lung and being on recovery made it difficult for her to exercise in order to control the weight gain caused by the medication. However, once she had fully recovered, she tried to take some of the power back.

Trimming down the fat

Mariska Hargitay has managed to lose some of the extra fat and is on the journey towards becoming what people believe to be the ’ideal’ weight. She did this by sticking to a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Surely she must have learnt something from her father to be able to go back to a weight of 141lbs in such a short time. She however said she likes her new body shape since it makes her look and feel more like a mother. The fact that she is not letting all the negativity get to her is quite admirable and should be emulated by many celebrities.

Fans Reactions

Most of Mariska Hargitay’s were quite supportive of her when she gained weight. There were a lot of positive posts on twitter and facebook cheering her on and some expressing their love for her thin or fat. However, there are always those who will be on the negative side. Some of these people were writing nasty comments and even suggesting she is no longer fit to be an actress. Her weight gain did not cause her any of her roles on television although some say that she did not appear on TV as much as when she was thinner. This however is expected when one is in the limelight. There will be haters and those who love you.