Meagan Good Plastic Surgery

Meagan Good Plastic Surgery

Meagan Good Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

Meagan was born in Panorama Los Angeles California on the 8th of August 1981. She is the daughter to Leondis Good and Tyra Wardlck Doyle. Her mother managed her career until her late teens. Her father works as an LAPD officer. She is of a mixed ancestry with her paternal grandmother having a black and Puertorican ancestry while her maternal grandmother having an African and Jewish ancestry. Her father is a native of Barbados. She is an American actress and film procedure. She began her career when she was only four years old. She appeared in television commercials and shows. She has also appeared in several music videos. She is famous for having appeared in several films. Her role as Joanna Locasto in the television series Deception is among her most famous television roles.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

She is in her early thirties and considered one of the most attractive actresses in the American film industry. Her body has greatly transformed: she has gained a few pounds and her looks have gotten more attractive. Considering that she was brought to the limelight when she was only four, her before and after pictures capture many changes. However, many critics do not agree that these changes are natural. It is speculated that her boobs and face have benefited from surgery. Her appearance has been associated with an unnatural perfection only cosmetic surgery can achieve.

Breast Augmentation and Facials

The transformation from B to D cups is believed to be due to implants. Opposed from her previous boobs, her current boobs are round and full. Despite her silence over the speculations, the change in her boob size is so obvious. The placement is unnatural; they are perfectly placed away from each other. The roundness and fullness is also another evidence to back up the rumors. It is also rumored that she is planning to undergo a reduction procedure since the current size is too big for her. Having gained a few more pounds, this could not be the only reason for her wanting to undergo a reduction; the unnatural pulling of her skin around the boob area could have greatly contributed to this.

In her early thirties, she has somehow managed to maintain the glow associated with women in their twenties. Her smooth radiant facial skin has given birth to Botox and filler claims. Anti aging procedures are very subtle and are not easy to prove unless something goes wrong. Her wrinkle free face and full lips together with high cheek bones are believed to have been surgically filled. However, her high cheek bones are controversial since they have always been part of her facial features since her younger days in the industry.

Surgery Results

Megan was blessed with a beautiful face and body. However, it is not surprising that she may have decided to turn to cosmetic surgery to fix a few flaws. Her speculated facial procedures went well considering that they are not so obvious. The usual frozen face common among facial procedures gone bad is not the case with her. Instead, her wrinkle free face still has its natural elasticity. However, the breast augmentation procedure is the cause of the criticism falling her way. There is nothing wrong with her new cup size since it augers well with her body shape and size but it seems like it wasn’t carried out well; the skin around her boobs is pulled and appears unnaturally tight. Most women go for breast augmentation to improve their self confidence but as it appears, she didn’t get this from her procedure. Rumor is that she is planning to undergo a reduction; this will be good for her since she will enjoy a natural appearance.