Megan Fox Surgery

Megan Fox Surgery

Megan Fox Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Megan fox is among the American actresses who got into the acting world at a very tender age. At this stage, most off the young celebrities have virgin skin untouched by surgeons. However, Hollywood is an industry for the pretty faced and the learnt makeup and hair styling techniques are sometimes never enough. For the over ambitious one, they get into plastic surgery at an extremely tender age. Megan Fox plastic surgery speculations began as soon as Megan started showing signs of all of a sudden transformations. According to speculators, Megan is among the young female Hollywood celebrities who engage in plastic surgery just for the sake of it. She has been accused of distorting her face and looking too plastic. A comparison of her before and after photos reveal it all, the star has lost most of her enviable God give appearances to plastic surgery.

Megan Fox Surgery

What Are Her Surgeries? 

It is speculated that Megan fox has over indulged in plastic surgery to the point of suffering from premature aging. Plastic surgery was invented to help celebrities with their beauty and anti aging aspirations. However, botched jobs that result from over indulgence and inexperienced surgeons defy the essence of plastic surgery. Young celebrities learn from the older celebrities in the industry. Since most of the old women in Hollywood are all plastic surgery material, most young celebrities assume that this is the only way to go. Megan fox over indulgence does not only involve too much of the same surgeries but it involves the indulgence in unnecessary surgeries whose effects were extremely harsh for her young skin. She is thought to have had a total of three nose jobs, eye-lift surgery, Botox injections, Cheek implants and Laser skin together with chemical peels. Clearly, most of these surgeries are not expected of a 27 seven year old but for a fifty year old woman.

The Skin Rejuvenation Procedures 

Some Hollywood celebrities who opt for the skin rejuvenating procedures over state their ambitions. It is not clear what Megan wanted to achieve with these skin rejuvenating procedures. At her tender age, these procedures are not suitable for her skin. The results evidence this fact further. The first of her skin rejuvenating procedure is a Botox injection. Botox injection eliminates traces of old age from a woman’s face. At the age of only 27 she is surely not old. Additionally, it is speculated that her date with Botox did not begin on her 27th year but much earlier than this. She is also though to having had chemical or laser peels. Laser peels are effective at eliminating wrinkles when done on an old wrinkled skin. Apparently, the effect is different on a young skin. With all these treatments, her facial skin is overwhelmed and appears to be aging faster.

The Eyelift, Nose Job and Cheek Implants 

Without the right texture of skin, it is almost impossible to appear beautiful. To add on this, Megan Fox’s decision to have her nose chiseled out more than once has made her look plastic. Three nose jobs are just too much. There are those who claim that if she is not careful, she may become the next Michael Jackson. This in combination with the eyelift and unnecessary cheek implants has made her look really weird. There is no doubt that Megan Fox plastic surgery speculations have some hint of truth in them. The acting sensation has undergone transformations for the worst. Her face is to plastic and she has lost her natural charm. Megan should lay off plastic surgery for a while before she becomes worse than she already is.