Michael Learned Plastic Surgery

Michael Learned Plastic Surgery

Michael Learned Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born as Michael Learned on the 9th of April 1939 in Washington DC. She is an American actress who has been featured in several television and film movies and drama series. Her role as Olivia Waltons in the television series The Waltons is the most famous of her roles earning her the most outstanding Lead Actress Emmy Awards title thrice. She also earned the same title in the movie The Nurse. She comes from a family of six. She is the eldest daughter to Bruce Learned and Eliza Duane. She was raised together with her sisters on their farm in Connecticut but moved to Austria where her father worked for the United States federal department when she was ten years old. She discovered theatre while she was enrolled at the Arts Education School and decided to pursue a career in acting since then.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

In an era when all physical flaws are fixed with cosmetic procedures, it does not come as a surprise that celebrities as old as Michael Learned can be minus any wrinkles. The 76 year old could pass for a fifty year old. It is speculated that she developed a relationship with facelift and Botox which unfortunately has not turned out well for her. As much as she has managed to straighten out all the facial skin folds, she has created a much bigger problem for herself. The surgery rumors are centered on the fact that most of her beauty is gone and her face looks unnaturally pulled. Although she has not reacted to this, her face speaks volumes of the procedures she might have engaged in.

Facelift and Botox

Throughout her entire career, the actress has always been known for her pretty looks. She was not into surgery until old age started creeping up on her. She must have fallen for the non invasive nature of these two procedures forgetting that they too have to been used in moderation. These skin rejuvenating procedures are as dangerous as they are effective. In an effort to do away with wrinkles and folded skin, the actress has created for herself another problem. She is no longer natural and most of her beauty has been lost to awful facelift and Botox. Facelifts work by lifting the facial skin, hence the name while Botox injections are administered right under the skin and work on facial muscles. This combination delivers double results when done right.

Surgery Results

Michael looks younger but unnatural. Too much facelift has pulled her facial skin too tight making her loose most of her facial movement. Additionally, her eyes have squinted due to the same giving them an unnatural look. No one expects to look worse than they did or even lose their natural beauty. However, this can be avoided if celebrities embraced the too little rule of plastic surgery. Michael should treat her wrinkles in moderation since it is natural for a woman of her age to have them. A few wrinkles is better than an unnatural appearance.