Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Michelle Phan, the famous American Make-up demonstrator was noticed the first time in 2006 via YouTube. With a following of more than six million subscribers she is one of the most noted YouTube celebrities today. From Vietnamese decent she completed her schooling at the Technical High School in Tampa Bay. She started a course at the Ringling School of Art and design and received her degree only in 2014.

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery

The Start of Her Career

Michelle started her rise to fame only in 2005 with a personal blog discussing makeup tutorials and with the thousands of requests she received commenced doing regular vlogs. Only in 2007 she started her lucrative YouTube publishing. The first week of her first YouTube video proved that she is on the right track with it receiving over 40, 000 views. Although she is the new comer to the world of beauty, Lancôme noticed her style and technique as outstanding during 2010 with her starting as their video make-up artist. It was so successful that L’Oreal launched their latest cosmetic line for 2013 named after her, called EM by Michelle Phan. Her success further ensured a lucrative partnership with her as co-founder of the subscription-based make-up industry, Ipsy.

Michelle Phan Cosmetic Surgery or Skillful Make-Up

Nobody can argue that Michelle performs magic with make- up, transforming her natural beauty to outwardly beautiful. Lately however rumors are doing the rounds that her appearance is not due to magic in a bottle anymore. It is speculated that she went under the knife for jaw surgery, double eyelid surgery as well as a nose job. Even though she is the make-up queen of the world, looking at pictures of her with make-up and without make-up it appears impossible that even she can achieve those types of results with make-up alone. During July 2012 Michelle went off-line for a while during a visit to Singapore. True followers who never miss a video from her immediately noticed the major difference to her chin when she made a video upon her return to America. Prior to 23 July 2012 specifically she did her last video before departing for Singapore.

Singapore Plastic Surgery Possibility

Whereas she always shows her face during her videos fans were disappointed that in the next video which was shot on 15 August 2012 that she did the whole video without showing herself once. At the time nobody suspected anything however. Two days later when she made another video everybody could see first hand the changes to her face. Experts agree that it could not have been fillers as her face would at that time when the video was shot be more swollen and that only a knife could have that result. Her followers and fans are not impressed by the changes as she is one of the last women that should resort to plastic surgery as she promotes make-up as natural beauty enhancer and not surgery. Besides her talents as make-up artist she is also an excellent skin care specialist, making the possible surgery even more surprising especially at her young age of 26.

Michelle Phan Jaw Line Surgery

Looking at pictures of Michelle Phan it does indeed appear that it is more than just a rumor regardless of her protestations that she did not have work done. Her jaw line used to be round as oppose to a visibly sharper chin and also more defined with the use of implants.

Michelle Phan Rhinoplasty and Eyelid Surgery

Rhinoplasty is the only explanation for the narrower nose, with sharper tip and bridge. Her eyes which were more slanted are also visibly larger and open and no amount of skillful make-up can achieve that. Experts reason that only a double eyelid surgery could have that effect.

Firm Denial From the Make-up Expert

Is Michelle Phan a hypocrite is a question all her fans are asking? It probably would not have been a serious offence for the beauty expert to have had surgery done if it was not that she constantly reminds girls and women that although she has flaws she accepts herself as God gave her what she has. She even names her flaws specifically as having a weak chin and a wide nose. She promotes accepting and understanding of flaws and this is why her fans are outraged. Prior to the obvious change in her appearance she admitted to have had Botox and other injections done simply because it is not permanent. Until today she still denies having gone under any knife.