Miranda Kerr Weight

Miranda Kerr Weight

Miranda Kerr Weight – Before and After Pictures

She was born on the 20th of April 1983 in Sydney to Therese and John Kerr. She entered into the world of Showbiz at the age of 13 when she landed her first modeling career. Her fame as an Australian model has grown since then and saw her to the participation in the Victoria Model Secret Angels in 2007. Aside from her modeling career, she has gone ahead to prove to the world that she is not just about the looks and toned body. She is also an author and an entrepreneur. She has released a book Treasure Yourself; a self help group considered to be a good read for self development and has launched her own line of organic skin care products known as KORA. Models are required to maintain a specific body size which is sometimes puzzling to the world when a grownup has the weight of a teenager. Miranda Kerr weight has brought a buzz in celebrity world as her slim proportion has given birth to all kinds of speculations.

Miranda Kerr Weight

Miranda Kerr Weight

At the age of 31, the super model and author of Treasure Yourself weighs only 56 kilograms which is equal to 123 pounds. This has created so many speculations given that she is a mother of one. Pregnancy and giving birth is one of the causes of weight gain and it was not expected that the model will go back to her normal self so soon after giving birth. She surprised her fans when she bounced back to her usual slender self few months after becoming a mum. A slender and even toned figure is the desire of most women but some are better a getting it than others. Her ability to maintain her weight at 123 pounds has led to all manner of insinuations.

Why Is She Still So Slender?

Critics have differed over the possible reasons behind the star’s ability to maintain such an even toned body for years. While some of them find nothing out of the ordinary, there are those who insinuate the possibility of an intensive workout regime and extreme diet. Most models have been diagnosed with eating disorders. This is a usual occurrence given that most of them are under the pressure to trim excess fats and avoid fatty foods; they end up suffering from the fear of eating calories which translates to worse eating disorders. However, not all models suffer from disorders and some of them know how to attain a balance between their professional and personal life without sacrificing their health. Miranda Kerr weight might insinuate extreme diet but there is no guarantee that she is under such a diet. The mother of one has not been associated with any liposuction speculations either.

What does Miranda have to say?

Miranda has responded to all the fuss about her weight. The supermodel who has got the world bowing to her beauty and toned figure has let the world in on the secret behind her weight. As a nutritionist, she has explained how she chooses the right diet that helps her maintain an even toned figure without jeopardizing her health. She also went ahead to explain the importance of exercise in burning out the excess calories. Her extensive exercise regime includes a 30 minutes run minus the walk to different places. She advices those who are unable to run to consider waking than taking a taxi especially for short distance errands. Pilates, light weights and Yoga are also her strategies for burning excessive calories. Miranda is a beautiful woman who has won herself a lot of praise for her looks and slender physique. It is encouraging to hear that she has gone all natural in an effort to hold on to her career.