Natalie Portman Nose Job Before and After Photos

natalie portman nose

Natalie Portman Plastic Surgery and New Look

Natalie Portman who traces her birth to June 1981, is well recognized in the public as an actress and a celebrity who has appeared in many fashion product advertisements and magazine covers. Doubling her citizenship as an American and Israeli, the celebrity discovered and started nurturing her professional career from the age of eight when she started as a child model, after which she stretched out into acting. However, plastic surgery rumours are not far from her, despite the natural beauty that she is endowed with.

natalie portman nose job

Natalie Portman Nose job

One plastic surgeon by the name Dr. Holcomb, believes that her nose was obviously done. Precisely, the rhinoplasty procedure made the tip of her nose more refined and lifted. While most people think that nose jobs often result in good looks, there is a high chance of ending with awful appearances if the surgery goes sour. However, Natalie Portman’s may be a case of success, because her new nose looks great on her. A bigger angle was created between the tip of her nose and her upper lips, which concludes the work of an experienced surgeon. Even so, Natalie Portman had a great nose before surgery, which leaves people questioning as to why she had to go under the knife. Well, no one understands the insecurity that she felt better than the celebrity herself.

Cheek implants

Although she has gained enough popularity, there is still a lot of pressure for Natalie Portman to look gorgeous. Recently, she had a public appearance in which her cheeks seemed to have a chubby quality which dictates that she either had some cheek implants or possibly an injectable filler. Any time such a celebrity appears to have a chubby look, it is advised that we look at her rear end to figure out clues which will tells whether it is plastic surgery or not. In the case of Natalie Portman, there seems to be a ship shape on her bottom end, which hints to cosmetic surgery as a possible procedure.

Lastly, she may have suffered a few wrinkles, or possibly she is trying out a new look. Whichever the case, there is proof that she is on the line of plastic surgery to keep the ageing signs at bay.