Park Min Young Plastic Surgery

park min young plastic surgery

Park Min Young Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Now that plastic surgery is the new craze among the Korean actors and actresses, Park Min Young has also joined the group of celebrities who go under the knife to attain a better look and remain relevant in their respective careers for a longer duration. A look into her past compared with the present reveals that a lot has changed but it is so professional that you cannot say the surgeries failed. While most of her supporters argue that the beauty she boasts of is God-given, it is rather obvious that she has sought some plastic surgeries owing to her photos before and after surgery.

park min young plastic surgery

Eyelid surgery

This is one of the cosmetic procedures that the celebrity is thought to have undergone in order to change the shape of her eyes so that they match with her face. Before the surgery, this 27 years old celebrity used to thrive behind very narrow eyes. She went for a double eyelid surgery to enlarge her eyes and indeed they look bigger and better. It is amazing to see how actors and actresses desire to match every aspect of their bodies as if it is a pair of clothing. This is why you will find them going for minor surgeries on the cheeks, eyelids, nose and even lips so that each part complements the next.

Corrective jaw surgery

It is also gossiped that the celebrity has undergone a corrective jaw surgery to cover up some of her insecurities and negative sense of self-regard. She was naturally born with a circular face and a bigger jaw line, something that she did not feel comfortable with. As a result, she sought a corrective surgery in which the face was redone to look more oval and a bit thinner than what she had before. She is now listed among the few people for whom surgeries have done good because she looks amazing in her new self.

Are Koreans unique?

Apart from plastic surgery gaining a lot of popularity among Koreans, it is also true that almost all of them come out successful from their cosmetic procedures. So far there are no Koreans who have had it rough under the surgeon’s knife. This has raised the question as to whether the Koreans are unique in some way but until it is scientifically proven, it remains just but a stereotype.

27 years is too young an age for Park Min Young to start living a life with plastic surgeries. One is left to wonder what such celebrities will do when they hit the age of 40 where signs of aging are expected to start creeping in. Although she looks so natural and pretty without the surgery, aging knows no beauty and it will surely come at its own appointed time. This is when the skin starts sagging, wrinkles develop and unsightly lines appear close to the eyes and across the forehead. At this age, Park Min Young will probably be the queen of plastic surgeries because she would want to remain young and relevant in her career for some time.

It is good to take such cosmetic procedures while young because there is a high chance of success but again there is the risk of addiction. Now that this celebrity has been introduced to the knife with promising success, she could be tempted to change herself further. Today it is a jaw line corrective surgery but tomorrow might be liposuction and Rhinoplasty.

Like most celebrities within and outside her age bracket, she is not saying a word regarding the procedures that she has undergone. Park Min Young only pays a blind ear to the gossips as she continuously enjoys beauty from the very procedures that people are seriously criticizing.