Queen Noor Plastic Surgery

Queen Noor Plastic Surgery

Queen Noor Before and After Photos

The Fair Queen

The grand Mark Queen of Jordan, Noor, has had a longstanding relationship with the endeavors of plastic surgery. Those on the outside looking in have all had at least a tad bit of curiosity regarding the reality of these rumors. Just with the quickest of ganders in the queen’s direction, one would imply that the implications most likely were on the side of reality. Queen Noor plastic surgery is about as cliché as cliché can get, a queen desiring to remain young and vibrant, something like that should come as second nature.

The early goings saw the queen in pursuit of reporters who had begun to notice that the queen’s facial expressions began to take on the classic signs of Botox surgery. Afterwards, rumors began snowballing and before you knew it, the majority of the public who make Noor a focal point all began to believe that she indeed had at least had a couple of procedures done. By the looks of it, the procedures could have been done a little better but the look resented work that was still more than a stone’s throw away from a botch.

The Public Wonders

The day that the queen began her current status as a widow, is the one day when she began to take on the unwarranted insults and speculations. The masses tend to sway in the direction of thought that in which the queen may have changed her ways to become more in demand with the male crowd, contending herself to the single life. The truth of the matter is, the spotlight has doubled on her since the death of her husband and she most likely just feels like she has to over compensate due to the extra attention.

Queen Noor was undeniably blessed with a nice set of genes which has lasted for quite the sum of her royal career. As age has made its way slowly but surely, it has left an undeniable impression upon her to where she felt like there had been no other choice but to face the sharp end of the knife. The queen also has skin that is prone to oiliness, so when you combine the unworthy surgery work with skin that is ultra-oily, she has seen better days that is for sure.

Turkey Neck and Rye

It is a commonality that when women, especially ones whom are as beautiful as the queen get older, the fat becomes more reserved and then placed in random spots of the body which are often way too hard to burn off. Most times with age, this fat in particular will assume sagginess and a look which propels more of a wrinkled appearance. That look in particular is labeled “Turkey Neck.” The magnitude of the so-called turkey neck that the queen had employed was extreme enough to motivate her into finally taking the plunge towards a neck lift.

The Queen Re-thinks Her Next Surgery Approach

Queen Noor plastic surgery…for a queen, a little more skill should have been applied to the work. To be frank, the work was nothing short of underwhelming and a little downright bad. When you are the queen however, there has got to be a way to reverse these unfortunate effects. She will no doubt find a way at some point in the future.