Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery

Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery

Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

He was born on the 18th of December 1954 in Newark New Jersey. Ray was not raised by his birth parents but by his adapted parents Mary and Alfred Liotta. He has never known who his real father was but the good thing is that the can trace his origins backs to Scottish ancestry thanks to his mother. Luckily for the actor, his new parents provided him a good life and he grew to become one of America’s most successful actors. He has an Emmy award to his name and has also been nominated for both the screen actors guild award and a golden globe award. He was brought to the limelight after his role in the television crime drama Good fellas, he played the role of Henry Hill. Early in his career, he was known as a handsome man but this attribute has become controversial with his new appearance.

Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery or Not? 

A comparison of his before and after photos is enough to show the transformation on his face. The changes visible on his face cannot be explained by mere growth process. There is no doubt more than growth to his transformations. Old age makes people lose their striking looks but not Ray Liotta’s way. Definitely there is something else cooking in his pot. He has lost his natural appearance and his facial features are unnatural and deformed. It seems like the celebrity failed in his attempt to defy the effects of the toll of time and instead ended up with a poor facial reconstruction. There is convincing evidence to prove that he wanted to get rid of the tell tale signs of old age since none can be traced on his face. His face is free of wrinkles and sags, as much as this is supposed to be a good thing; it is not the case with the acting sensation.

What Are His Procedures?

Rumor has it that the Good Fellas actor has used Botox and facial fillers in his attempt to reverse the aging process. Unfortunately, he did not get the desired results and has to walk around with a botched face. In an attempt to camouflage wrinkles and laugh lines, he ended up interfering with the shape of his face. The cheek fillers were poorly done giving the impression of a swollen face. The area around his laugh line also looks odd. Although laugh lines appear during old age, his lines look permanently frozen in an unnatural way. It is not usual that the laugh line area does not respond to facial movement. The frozen effect is the usual result of too much fillers which interfere with the functioning of facial muscles making them too rigid to move.

What Do Critics Have To Say? 

It is amazing how celebrities deny allegations when it can be obviously seen that the natural in them has disappeared. Through his spokesman, Ray has vehemently denied all the allegations and insists that he is still a natural. However, this is not enough o take speculators off his case. According to Dr. Anthony Griffin, the actor’s denials are baseless given that his face has all the evidence of too much fillers and Botox. He goes ahead to explain that the deformity seen around Ray’s laugh line is as a result of injecting Restylene or another filler in this area. Maybe ray should consider offering an explanation as to why his face looks the way it does because until then, plastic surgery seems to be the only sensible explanation. it is sad that Ray Liotta plastic surgery has brought him the wrong kind of fame, the actor should stay off facial surgeries in order to avoid deforming his face further.