Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery

Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery

Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Rose McGowan is an American actress whose beauty and talent is not a secret. She became widely famous after her role in the television series Charmed. In 2007, she suffered a tragic accident which affected her appearance especially her eyes. Thanks to plastic surgery, Rose no longer has to live with the aftermath of the tragic accident. Rose McGowan plastic surgery speculations are not only about the eye surgery that was done as part of medical requirement, the speculations allege that the star had other procedures to accentuate her looks. If you compare the acting sensation before and after photos, you will not miss the difference in her appearance. She looks different in her after photos, a difference that does not suggest growth or makeup tricks. Before her accident, Rose had not be associated with any plastic surgery rumors, some critics have argued that the star must have gained the inspiration from the eye surgery done after the accident.

Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery

What is Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery? 

Rose has undergone a difference on her face and her chest. This difference has been linked to a total of four plastic surgery procedures. Rhinoplasty, cheek modification, breast implants and lip augmentation are the procedures thought to be behind the amazing star’s transformation. As with most celebrities, the speculations leveled against them are formed on a basis of opinion and a comparison of before and after photos. Female celebrities looking to enhance their looks have the above surgical procedures since they fix the “natural errors”. In Hollywood, the concept of beauty is defined in terms of specific shapes and sizes of different body features those who do not naturally fit into these confines are forced to turn to plastic surgery to achieve them. For the lucky ones, these surgical procedures help them transform into gorgeous sex symbols while others are forced to deal with the sad reality that they will no longer get to know what beauty feels like.

The facials 

Aside from fixing her eyes, rose decided to have her wide nose fixed to an elegant long and narrow ridged nose. Luckily for her, her new nose was well done, it seems like her rhinoplasty procedure was handled by a professional. Critics also argue that Rose’s cheeks have undergone a dramatic change. It is claimed that she has had her cheek bones modified in order to change the shape and size of her face. The results of the cheek bone do not seem to be encouraging at all. She looked better with her natural cheek bone than with the accentuated ones. Many critics are in agreement with this fact since they argue that it is now easier to tell that the star’s face is plastic. The lip augmentation procedure is also another source of controversy in Rose McGowan plastic surgery. Critics argue that the lip augmentation procedure was a botched job. Although it does not hit the roof as being among the worst plastic surgery procedures in Hollywood, it is not among the best either.

Breast Augmentation 

Breast augmentation procedure is considered the number one plastic surgery for Hollywood women. Breasts are an important feature when it comes to defining the shape and size of a woman. Rose’s chest underwent a dramatic growth a thing that is attested to plastic surgery. The results of the breast augmentation procedure must have given the star something to smile about since her feminine curve is more pronounced. With her sophisticated sense of style, Rose is by no doubt envied by many of her age mates. She knows just which clothes will flaunt her sexy pair of breasts.