Sandara Park Plastic Surgery

Sandara Park Plastic Surgery

Sandara Park Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

She was born on the 12th of November 1984 in Busan South Korea. She spent her childhood years in her birth country but moved to the Philippines with her parents when she was ten years old. She is a famous figure in the show biz industry taking on numerous roles including modeling, acting, singing and dancing. In 2009, she joined the 2NE1 girl group and also became the director and has held the position to the present. Her brother Park Sang Hyun is also a member of the showbiz industry; he is a member of the music band MBLAQ. She has been featured in several television commercials and shows. She was brought to the limelight after being featured in the Star Circle Quest. After spending most of her years in the Philippines, she is fluent in three languages English, Korean and Tagalog.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

In her early thirties, the actress is still a dazzling beauty. Just like most celebrities, she has embraced red carpet tricks to enhance her natural beauty. However, some of her facial alterations seem permanent and it is for this reason that it is believed she has consulted cosmetic surgery services. Since the speculated surgeries are not so obvious, some critics have argued that the changes in her appearance cannot be natural. The Korean actress has not responded to the trending speculations making it difficult to prove the truth.

Facials and Nose Job

Sandara is rumored to have benefited from look accentuating procedures. Being an Asian, some of her facial features look a bit different from typical Asian faces. Currently, her face appears longer as opposed to the usual round face she had before, it is believed that she had her jaw was elongated through a jaw line procedure. An eyelid procedure is the second of her speculated surgery. Her eyes are more open and sexier than they were before. This procedure is common among celebrities of Asian ancestry since they are naturally born with narrow eyes. Comparing her before and after photos, it is clear that she has barely changed in terms of aging. It is rumored that this graceful aging is enabled by her use of Botox. Luckily for her, she knows the moderation rule and her nips and tucks appear to be exactly what she needed.

She has also gone for one of the most popular procedures among Hollywood celebrities: rhinoplasty. In her previous photos trending all over the internet, her nose is relatively wide with a rounded tip. Her after photos show a refined nose with a narrow tip and small nostrils. Critics arguing against these rumors claim that the change in her nose could be as a result of good makeup application techniques. This and picture angle and lighting have often been use to explain the difference spotted in some celebrity before and after pictures. The Korean beauty has not reacted to her nose job speculations living her fans and gossip bloggers in a hot debate.

Surgery Results

The controversial cosmetic surgery speculations about Sandara Park transformed appearance is still a hot debate dividing her fans into two groups. Those who believe in them have admired her how she objectively chose procedures and moderately engaged in them. Since Hollywood has proved to be a place where flawlessness is a determiner of success, the world has moved beyond criticizing celebrities for having consulted surgery to understanding why they did it. Celebrities like Sandara who manage to improve their appearances without looking very different from their natural looks receive lots of admiration. Her surgery results are perfect for her and she definitely looks better than before.